Your Complete Checklist For A Luxury Bedroom

You’d be forgiven for assuming that of all the rooms within your home, the bedroom would be the easiest to decorate impeccably. After all, it serves a largely functional purpose and doesn’t need nearly the same kind of fixtures and features as other rooms of the home might.

Which begs the question – how is it that so many people get their own bedrooms so very wrong indeed?

Well, more often than not it’s a case of good intentions going poorly due to a general lack of direction and inspiration. In many instances, you really need only look at how bedrooms are arranged and decorated in luxury hotels to gain a few insights and ideas. It’s impossible to walk into a truly lavish and opulent hotel room without feeling immediately at ease, tranquil and as if you have found a real sanctuary from the world outdoors.

Suffice to say – isn’t this exactly how you would like to feel in your own bedroom?

Personal tastes and preferences will always vary, but there are nonetheless certain universal tips and tricks that can prove useful. So if you’re still wondering exactly what you could be doing to add a little lavish luxury to your own bedroom, the following checklist represents a good place to start at least:

1 – Throw Pillows

First of all, gorgeously tasteful throw pillows that are both overfilled and provided in abundance can make an immediate difference when it comes to perceived luxury. In this instance, there is every likelihood you will never actually use your throw pillows for practical purposes, which in turn gives you enormous freedom of choice when it comes to shape, size, design and so on. You don’t want to get too carried away, but feel free to be generous.

2 – Luxury Bedding

Given the fact that your bed represents the most central and important feature in your bedroom, it simply makes sense to lavish it with plenty of attention. You cannot expect the rest of the room to come together properly if you do not invest in the most opulent luxury bedding you can lay your hands on, in order to transform your bed into an asset you will never want to leave. You’ll find the World’s most opulent hotels choose luxury goose or duck down duvets as their choice of bedding – and you can own one too for less than you think. Have a look at down duvet specialist websites such as

And of course, a luxury bedroom is just as much about indulgent comfort as it is keeping up appearances.

3 – Hanging Light Fixtures

One of the most immediate and effective changes you’ll ever make to your bedroom is that of adding a hanging light fixture. These days, is perfectly possible to pick up what at least on the surface appear to be million-dollar chandeliers for next to nothing. Pendant lights can also work a treat – focus on something truly elegant and luxurious that makes far more of a statement than standard fixed bedroom lighting ever could.

4 – Clear The Clutter

Something else that’s blatantly obvious when walking into a truly luxurious bedroom is the way in which there is no sign of clutter. There will inevitably be plenty of essentials around the place, but they will either be hidden away, grouped together or strategically placed, in order to avoid a sense of chaotic crowding. One outstanding tip here to take from luxury hotels – consider purchasing an elegant tray upon which to place essentials you cannot hide from sight.

5 – Consider A Statement Piece

It can often take little more than the addition of one quite beautiful statement piece to transform any bedroom into something truly special. For example, something like an antique dresser, a pair of vintage chairs or a rustic raw-wood wardrobe can instantly lift the entire room. With one or two statement pieces, there really isn’t much else you will need.

6 – Floor Space

Also of the utmost importance is ensuring that as much of the available floor space is kept as clean and empty as possible at all times. Open floor space not only gives the perception of a larger and better-organised room, but also ensures that focus is only ever drawn to the statement pieces you have brought in to your bedroom.

7 – Multiple Light Sources

Another helpful trick taken directly from the most luxurious hotel rooms is that of having quite a number of light sources around your bedroom. The more control you have over lighting in terms of both specific areas and brightness, the easier it will be to create a truly luxurious ambience.

8 – Plants

Last but not least, there’s nothing quite like thriving plant life to inject a sense of luxury and vibrancy into almost any bedroom. Whether it’s a large fern in one corner of the room or strategic use of potted plants in various locations, it’s a small and affordable touch that can make a significant difference.


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