Understanding Rodent Control And How To Protect Your Home

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Controlling the rodents is a little different than stopping other types of invasive species. Rodents like mice are smaller in size, and they need minimal space to creep in through. Rats, being bigger in size, need more space, but can crouch in as quickly as any other rodents. Even squirrels look for nesting in attics, as the winter approaches.

All these creatures are drawn towards the warm temperature of a home. Hence, the fall season should immediately concern all homeowners for their healthy living style. There are secure solutions to rodent extermination in Henderson, CO, which can help in at times of excessive rodent activity at your place.

Signs to understand the presence of rodents

When there are rodents breeding inside your house, you will come across several signs indicating towards the infestation, like:

●       Rodent droppings

Common places to find rodent droppings are in the wrappers and waste packages, under the sink, and in drawers or cupboards. The number of droppings can also help you understand how many rodents are present inside your house. This information is essential to imply safety measures accordingly.

●       Nesting materials

Fabrics and dry leaves make the best nesting materials for rodents. If you find unattended shredded dry materials like paper, clothes, leaves, and husk, know that there is a rodent around.

●       Chewed items around the house

Food packaging, newspapers, and wires are the most common chewed elements by the rodents. The moment you find residual remains in large quantities, contact the rodent control companies immediately.

●       Lingering stale smell

In case the rodents have made a nest and started breeding, you will have a musty smell coming from hidden places. This is where the nest is.

●       Unfamiliar holes in walls

The entry point of rodents is very well shrouded in darkness and shadows. But if you come across random holes in your house, be sure of approaching infestation.

Protecting your house from severe rodent activity

When you get to know about the presence of rodents, control them by following the given instructions.

●       Seal all entry points

Look for all the holes in the interior and exterior, while filling them up with something as simple as wool. This will stop further incoming of rodents.

●       Clear the nesting areas

Remove all the dry objects which can be used as nesting grounds. From newspapers to rubbish mounts in attics, get rid of all dry solid waste.

●       Run a cleaning drive

Check all the food and water resources and clean them up. Focus on the grocery storage areas and tanks.

●       Use garbage cans with tight-fitting lids

Rodents can survive on your garbage for a long time. To avoid their infestation, stop all the possible places of food supply to them.

●       Feeding birds and other animals

If you are a bird enthusiast and feed them outside your house, you may have to stop for a while. The residue from these edibles can act as food for the rodents. You can feed the birds huskless materials so that no waste is left behind.

●       Seeking professional help

Once you have taken all precautions and preliminary measures, contact the rodent extermination centers for easy assistance. Do not engage in poisoning them, unless you want dead rodents stuck in your air vents.

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