Do Your Tools a Favor

Tools are expensive, but to get jobs done to a quality level investing in the right tools is essential. Storage to keep tools in good condition and ready to perform are as indispensable for any worker as the tools.

Many Choices

Not all jobs can be completed in the workroom or garage so just like the proverbial doctor’s “black bag,” portable storage bags hold tools for other trades that also make house calls, such as electricians, plumbers, mechanics and construction workers. Not all tool bags are created the same because each trade has specialty tools. The best tool bag for one trade isn’t necessarily the best for another occupation. For example, a plumber may prefer a water resistant bucket tool tote. The tote wraps around a five-gallon bucket with pockets and loops for all sorts of tools and the bucket can be used to bring replacement fittings and as a place to put old fittings once they’re removed. It can also be a reserve for placing under a sink to catch any stray water still sitting in the pipes.

Essential Features

Single tools can be heavy. Get a dozen or so together and some serious weight is being hauled from one place to another. Rolling tool bags alleviate having to lug heavy bags and save stamina for the job at hand. Choosing one with a telescoping handle makes one even more convenient. Because tools are heavy, storage bags must-haves include heavy-duty stitching and bar tacking at critical stress points. Padded handles, sturdy shoulder straps and reinforced interior bottom panels will ensure tools are safe and longevity of the bag.

The best tool bags are designed with hard-working professionals in mind but are also great for the home do-it-yourselfer. It’s amazing to see and compare all the features offered. Wide mouth bags that make hauling and accessing larger tools easier and even storage bags that can double as a seat are only a sampling of the many features! A quick glace will show an empty pocket or loop as a reminder to check the tool site for all tools. There’s no reason to jeopardize losing a tool or not maintaining it. Convenient storage bags for any need are readily available at quality retail sites, such as Toolsmith Direct


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