Tips for Expats Moving to London

If you’re making a big move from somewhere across the globe to England’s capital, first of all, congratulations! You’re about to live in one of the world’s most thriving, multi-cultural and historical cities which has so much to offer its inhabitants.

Moving to a new city/country can of course be quite a daunting venture, so here are some tips to help make things a little easier.

Do lots of research regarding where you’re going to live

London is a really varied place, and each borough and suburb can be really different. It’s therefore a good idea to look into different areas so that you can gain a better idea of where you’d fit in the most, and what you can get for your money in different locations. Check this website that can help you get started.

Learn the language…or at least, the slang!

If your English could use some improving, London is a great place to learn as it’s so multi-cultural, so there will be lots of opportunities to learn English…and any other language you want! If you do already speak English, familiarising yourself with cockney slang might not be a bad idea!

Join international communities and societies

More than 300 languages are spoken in London, and it’s the world’s most visited city, according to measured international arrivals. Therefore you won’t be short of people nearby who are in a similar situation to yourself. There are lots of different organisations in the city for international people to meet up which are well worth looking into.

Find out the best places to do your shopping

It’s no secret that shopping in London is incredible, but it may take you a while to get your head around. After all, you won’t want to go food shopping in Harrods, for example…unless of course, you are a millionaire. Speak to the locals for advice on the best places to do your food shopping, and the best spots to go clothes shopping to suit your personal style and taste.

Look into the best ways to stay in touch with home

Getting a little home sick is perfectly natural and it happens to most people that are moving away from home, and a good way to combat this problem is to keep in touch with home regularly. There are loads of different ways you can do this, from applications on the internet such as Skype, to things like international calling cards.

Familiarise yourself with public transport

Public transport in London is notorious for being a bit of a headache, but generally, as soon as you’ve done your regular journey once or twice, you’ll see it’s really not that difficult. There are lots of guides online to help you figure out London Public Transport in advance too that are worth looking into. And if you are ever lost or in a bit of a mess, there will always be plenty of people around to ask for some assistance!

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