Three Ways To Keep Critters Out of Your Garden

If you have a garden in your yard, of any kind, you know it can sometimes be difficult to keep animals out of it. Even flower beds are at risk when it comes to some animals.


Deer and rabbits are happy to munch on any of the foods you plant. They also like some flowers and other plants. Birds and squirrels are both known for stealing seeds so you never even get your stuff to grow.


If you have plants in your yard and you are being pestered by critters, you will definitely want to try out one or more of these tips.


Put Up A Fence


Fencing is one of the best ways to keep animals out of your garden, and work especially good for deer. While fencing usually isn’t much to look at, it at least allows you to grow your foods and flowers.


According to Deer Busters, you want to make sure you have a deer fence for keeping those high jumping critters out. Deer can jump pretty high!


You may also want to make sure you have some smaller mesh fencing for around the lower part of any fence you put up to ensure you keep the mice out. Mice can fit through very tiny holes, and they can cause damage to food crops too.


Try Repellents


Repellents come in different scents and work for different animals, depending on what you buy. You can get repellents that smell like urine from predator animals which scare away prey animals because they think they are in danger.


There are sprays that are flavored in different flavors that also cause some animals to stay away. Rabbits don’t like the taste of hot peppers.


There are also old time remedies you can try that seem to work to keep some critters away. This include mothballs and bone or blood meal.


Try Some Live Traps


If the critters keep coming around and causing problems for you, you may want to use live traps and relocate them when you catch them. You need to look into whether this is allowed where you live and find out what types of places you can release them at.


Depending on the rules in your area, or the type of animal you are trapping, you may be better off contacting a professional pest management person to trap and remove any raccoons or skunks, and even rabbits, that are chewing and digging in your garden.

Sometimes it’s nice to watch the wildlife in your yard, and many people enjoy them. However, if they are causing damage to your plants you definitely need to find a way to keep them from ruining your garden. With any luck this tips will have your problems solved.


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