Three Tips To Keep Your Home Looking New & Vibrant

Preventative maintenance is your number one weapon against premature aging of your home.  You’ve worked your whole life to purchase a place of your own, so why not take care of that home to the very best of your ability?  When done properly and in a timely manner, home maintenance does not have to be an expensive venture. Preventative maintenance also boosts your home’s value should you decide to sell your house and hire a local mover. Here is a little bit of inside information to assist you in your journey of being a homeowner.


Check Your Toilets & Faucets


A leaky toilet can cause a plethora of issues.  Not only will it cause undue wear on your floors and surrounding walls, but it will also cause premature wear on your plumbing.  This is money that doesn’t have to be spent.  Check your toilet and faucet plumbing regularly for leaks.  Faucets also tend to sneak a leak and ruin cabinets and flooring before you even realize the damage has begun.  Preventative treatment of these issues could feasibly save you hundreds on your home;




You can give your home a quick facelift by simply painting the interior, but a more convenient and less costly way to keep your interior fresh and new would be to keep up with chips in the paint.  Keep a bucket of paint handy to manage chips and scrapes in your interior paint.




Make sure you maintain regular upkeep of your home’s gutter system.  Your gutters are there to provide protection for your siding and foundation.  Neglected gutters may leak, and rain run off is left to puddle around the foundation of your home.  Also, too much moisture beneath your siding can cause rotting of any wood it comes in contact with.


Alongside the maintenance of your gutters, it’s of utmost importance to maintain your home’s roof.  A rotted or misplaced shingle can result in thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home.  Simply inspecting your shingles once or twice a year could help you and your family to avoid numerous headaches and past due bills. If your roof needs repair or replacing, use a reliable company like Seneca Creek Roofing.

Finally, keep up with your lawn care.  Mow your yard weekly in the warm season, and maintain those unsightly weed infestations with weekly weed pulling sessions.  These simple preventative lawn care measures are worth more than you might imagine.You will be glad you have followed all of these tips when you are ready to sell your home, buy a new one and move in.

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