Things to Consider When Buying a Home Warranty

Most of us are unaware of the term “home warranty”. It isn’t exactly what it sounds like since it doesn’t have a specific warranty period like the warranty that comes with your appliances and it doesn’t cover up all the costs of the damages your home suffers from either.

A home warranty is still a very useful asset to have, but before you go on and invest in one we suggest that you read through these options that you might have to consider.

Are Your Planning on Buying New Appliances?

A home warranty is most useful to you when you have just bought your home and are still buying new appliances and other such things for it.

This is because a home warranty sometimes covers up a portion of the cost that goes into buying new appliances and even other things like a swimming pool or sprinklers for the garden.

Your Old Appliances Will Act Up Eventually

No appliance can run smoothly forever and they all need a little touch up at some point. Unless it is an emergency, you can contact the home warranty company you have chosen and ask them to send over a serviceman to assist you with the repairs and touch-ups of any appliance you might need.

If your appliance needs instant repairs then the home warranty option might not be as useful to you as your usual serviceman who you probably have on call. This is because the home warranty company takes time to process your request and then sends over a suitable handyman for you.

It is Not the Same as Your Insurance

An insurance will cover up the damage costs in case a big mishap occurs, like a fire or a robbery. The insurance company will not come to rescue you when your microwave starts acting up or your HVAC system runs out of gas.

For these situations, the home warranty is a great option because you know that such small issues will keep propping up and you will have the perfect fix for them.

You Need to Pick Out the Most Reliable Option

Not all companies that offer a home warranty are the same. You need to ask around and do a fair bit of research and narrow it down to a choice few companies that you find reliable. You can read this home warranty review for an idea of which are the best companies in the business lately.

You can Sign up Anytime

You can choose to sign up for a home warranty at any point in time. There is no restriction.

The Entire Cost Will Usually not be Covered

Home warranty companies don’t always cover up the entire cost of the damages that your appliances suffer from. At times they will only give you a portion of the cost and you will have to finance the rest. This negotiation happens after some processing as well so there is a significant waiting period applicable here as well.


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