The Importance of a Warm and Comfortable Bathroom

If there is one room in the house where we want to be able to forget about our worries for a while it is the bathroom. This is why it is so important that we make this a warm and comfortable room.

There are some simple steps you could take in order to make your bathroom the warm and inviting place you want it to be. Here are some of the best ones.

Use a Shower Enclosure

On cold days you might tremble slightly at the thought of having a bath or a shower. Showers offer the best way to freshen up without getting cold and it is even better with a shower enclosure. This type of bathroom fitting allows you to take your shower in a warm, steamy environment while you forget about the rest of the world for a while. Some of the best ones even come with cool features such as a sauna function and a radio. If you can’t resist the idea of a traditional bath then look for one made out of materials that best retain heat, such as copper or brass.

Add a Radiator

If you have radiators all round the rest of your house then you might wonder why you don’t have one in your bathroom as well. After all, they do a great job in the rest of the house, so why isn’t there one in here too? The truth is that there is nothing to stop you from having a radiator in your bathroom. One issue to bear in mind, though, is that you need to look for special radiators which are specifically designed for use in this room. One of the main differences with electric radiators for this room is that they often need a dedicated spur connection, meaning that the installation work is best left to an expert electrician.

Install a Heated Towel Rail

One issue that many people aren’t people aren’t aware of is that in most cases you shouldn’t put wet items like towels over bathroom radiators. What this means is that it is a good idea to get a heated towel rail fitted in there. This will help to ensure that you have a lovely, warm towel waiting for you in there. Installing a heated towel rail isn’t the biggest job in the world but the security issues mean that it is best to get a qualified electrician to do it. Once it is fitted this towel rail will add a delightful touch of luxury and elegance to the bathroom in addition to the practical benefits.

Put Down a Rug

A rug added to your bathroom floor can make a big difference to how your feet feel while you are in here. This is especially true in those moments when you step out of the warm shower onto a cold floor. Of course, the addition of a rug is going to make your bathroom look better as well as make it a nicer place to walk around. You will want to choose one that has a non-slip backing on it, to avoid the risk of nasty accidents on the wet floor.

Add Underfloor Heating

Even more effective than a rug is the idea of adding underfloor heating to your bathroom. This is a fairly substantial investment to make but your feet will be lovely and warm whenever you step in here in the future. This is ideally done when you are planning other big changes, such as adding new flooring to the room.

Use Warm Colours

While many bathrooms are all white, there is no need to stick to that colour scheme if you don’t want to. Using warmer colours can help to give a bathroom a more inviting appearance. The lighting you use can also help to make the most of the colour scheme. Instead of one single source of harsh lighting you could look at softer lights from a variety of sources. There are also some very good reasons why candles are so popular in bathrooms.

Use Natural Materials

The likes of wood and stone are brilliant materials for creating a bathroom that it feels great to spend time in. Getting the right mixture of materials will give you a comfortable bathroom that it feels good to spend time in and that also feels warm and relaxing. Many people like to add modern touches and appliances to their bathrooms, so finding the right balance between these items and the classic look of natural materials can provide an interesting challenge.



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