A Stylish, Practical and Alternative Door Style

Creating a unique, stylish and practical look in your home can be very difficult. You will find that generally most homes look very similar only with different decorative styles and furniture. If you want to make your home different from the norm and impress any guests that you have over then you may want to consider one of the most overlooked elements of interior design. The doors in your home play a massively important role and can add a huge amount to the feel of a home, but often homeowners will not use this to their advantage and leave them as they are.


Most homes will have swing door systems which can be opened or closed by being pushed or pulled, and then they will be painted to suit the colour scheme and have handles on both sides. This does not add much to the home, and most guests will not pay any attention to doors like this. You can however opt for an alternative door style which not only looks fantastic, but is also very practical too. This is known as a pocket door, and this door type has a sliding mechanism where when you slide the door to the side it will move into a wall cavity (pocket) the same width as the door.


Create More Space in your Home


Pocket doors can look fantastic in any home and suit any interior design style that you have. As well as looking great and being alternative to generic doors, this type is also practical. By sliding into the wall it opens up more usable space, as in many homes you will find it difficult to move around when a door is open due to the space that it takes up. This makes them particularly useful in smaller homes, but they can also look great in larger houses because of their sleek, clever design. In addition, you can create an open plan feel to your home by keeping the doors in the pocket too.


Pocket door kits can be found online so that you can complete the work yourself. Component stores including Barrier Components and similar places will be the best place to turn. Once you have your pocket door set up in your home you will love the space that it opens up as well as how great it looks in your home, and your guests are sure to be impressed by this alternative style too.



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