Steps to Take Before Choosing the Right Removals Company for your Business Move

Your decision regarding business relocation should be based on an adequate plan that can help you to work out the details of the move. While hiring a removals company for business moves is definitely the right idea, there are multiple factors that you need to take into account before you call up a moving company service and book the deal. Choosing the right removal company requires tough thinking, and the reputed company Wynnes Business Removals and MovingScam are the sites that seem to best help with some tips on controlling your business effectively during a UK relocation.

What are some factors that you should consider before hiring a removals company?

– Think about the time you have to finish the move. – How much money are you willing to spend?- What items do you need to move early during the move, and what equipments can you save for last? You do not want the move to hamper your business operations, so plan accordingly.
How can you choose the right Removals Company?
Step 1: Schedule the date and time.

Since business relocation will anyway be expensive, you do not want to add more to the cost by overstaying at your old location, or by hiring the new place too early. Decide on the deadline within which your business should be fully operational on the new site. When you are ready with your plan, sign the contract and immediately contact several removals company to get moving.

Step 2: Ask removals company to do an in-house estimate.
A Removals company needs to come to your office and asses the tools, equipments and other furniture items you will have to move. If a company refuses to comply for an on-site assessment, you must immediately drop them from your consideration.

Step 3 : Review if your chosen removals company is upto the task.

Business relocation can be very cumbersome, and any company that assures you that they can get the job done easily and quickly is just trying to fool you. Professional removals companies that boast of years of experience know that this is a difficult task, and they will work with you to create a flexible plan that can face all challenges that could crop up. Good removals companies will also come up with backup plans in case things do not work according to the initial schedule.

Step 4: Create a list of items that you need to move:

What items would you need to use till the last day in your old office? Which equipments and machines can you move immediately? Make a list so that you stay in control and your business operations can be carried out without any hitches. For example, moving heavy items like printers in the first few days of the move can be very tempting so as to finish a huge bulk of the job early on. But this decision will cost your business. Your employees will need to print out files for doing their task, and you need to pack and send the printers to the new location right before the day your new office will be fully operational.

Step 5: Ask the removals companies for a quote:

Once you have created your list and planned your schedule, you need to ask the removals companies for their prices. Make sure that you ask them how they are managing their pricing strategies. Never trust a business removals company that gives you an estimate based on cubic metres of space your items are going to occupy in the truck. Pricing strategies should be based on all services they offer, the amount of insurance they have added, and their evaluation of your items list. When you find a removals company that is quoting a fair price, hire it.

Step 6: Ask if the removals company offers storage boxes:

A lot of business owners try to cut costs wherever they can. Many rely on cheap cardboard boxes they get at their local stores to pack their items in. This is quite a bad idea, which your professional removals company will also tell you. Heavy tools and equipment must be put in strong boxes so that any accidental fall (which is a possibility) will be cushioned effectively, and your item will not be damaged at all. The reputed company Wynnes in Sussex is famous for offering its own top quality storage boxes that are perfect for business moves. If you find a removals company that takes such initiatives, you should definitely consider them seriously for the job.

Step 7: Does the removals company offer storage services?

A lot of things might take an unexpected turn during the business removals process. Renovation in your new office location might cause some delay. In that case, where will you keep your furniture and tools? This is why hiring a removals company that offers storage facilities is a very good idea. If there is a delay and you cannot move your items to your new place yet, you can hire your chosen company’s storage area. Good removals companies will guard their storage premises no matter what, and you can stay assured that your items will be secure.

Step 8: Do background research on the removals company:

Once you have selected your removals company, don’t hire them just yet. Look up for any information you can find on them, like review from their old clients. Check their ratings and try to see if they are honest during their interactions with you. Once you know you can trust them, you will have less anxieties and more safety for the move to work out perfectly!

Wynnes Storage and Removals Company ( has several years of experience under their belt, and they have the best rating in the UK. Their tips and advice come from their expertise and knowledge, and with reputed removals companies like the Wynnes by your side, you will have the most positive experience during your business moves. All these steps will help you to create backup plans when necessary, so that you can prevent delays and avoid disasters which otherwise could cost you big time. Never worry about making the removals companies wait while you make your decision about hiring them. You need to think about all these facts so that you can made the right choice.


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