Staging your Home for a Sale

The artistic range of wall coverings by Wallpaper Sales is guaranteed to delight and catch the eye of visitors and potential buyers but how should you go about making a more lasting impression? Home staging might be the answer if you’re looking to move to your new home sooner rather than later. Staging your home for a sale essentially involves fine-tuning your home’s decor which in turn will improve the atmosphere and this may have what it takes to sway viewers (and possibly even increase your home’s value). Consider the following guidelines to prepare your home for an effective sell.

Grouping furniture

The simpler your furniture layout is in the home, the easier it is for potential buyers to visualise living there. It’s a commonly held belief that pushing your furniture flat against the wall creates more space but in truth, it is just the opposite. Repositioning central furniture pieces like sofas and chairs into clusters and parallel groups will actually make the room appear larger and more user-friendly.


It’s a no-brainer, a home free of clutter and excess is going to attract the buyers to your home. A clean and organised home eliminates stress and clears the mind and this is the impression you want to leave with viewers – if you can keep things manageable, so can they. Staging your home in this way also presents you with an opportunity to change your bad clutter habits once and for all. Rather than shoving anything and everything that would otherwise be on display in each room for example, invest in stylish storage boxes and solutions throughout the home.

If you only rearrange your home for the sake of viewers from now until you move, you will worsen the clutter problem, allowing everything to gather in one mass mess. Using unique storage solutions such as under-bed storage and hollowed out stools now will make things far easier later when it comes to labelling individual boxes for the removal van.

Transform a spare room

If you currently use a spare room for storage purposes, make use of this space and redecorate it as a spare bedroom or home office. Breathing new life into a space that only serves to store your belongings until you move is a great way to increase your home’s value as well as buyer interest. Buyers will be impressed upon finding that your home does not dedicate an entire room to storage and junk since this will reassure them that they needn’t succumb to a similar hoarding habit.

There are many personal storage depots across the country who are willing to store your belongings for you until you move house so as soon as you have decided what you can live without until moving day comes, store it away securely and give your ‘storage room’ – and indeed your home – a new lease and life.      


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