Some Tips on Setting Up Your Own Conditioning and Fitness Room

Congratulations!  You’ve decided to take the big step and install your own personal fitness room as part of your program to get into peak physical condition.  You will make it a place where you and your family can work out every day, shedding the excess cellulite that has accrued from years of sitting behind the office desk, at the steering wheel, before the computer, and at the dinner table.  So now where do you begin?


Probably the best way to start this ambitious project is to get advice and suggestions from a qualified specialist.  Someone from ACE Fitness could give you some basic information on the type of space and equipment you would need to set up the best kind of conditioning room.  Since every person’s needs vary – and every home is different – the specific things you want must be identified.  Sometimes this requires the advice from a physician or trainer, who can identify the types of exercises and conditioning work that best meets your personal physical requirements. Either way, you will be most satisfied when you use one of ACE’s coupons or sales promotions from Groupon to acquire the personal training and fitness instruction to help you make the best use of your new fitness room.


It’s important that your room has the sufficient space for conducting the workouts you want to perform.  For example, weight training and muscle-building equipment require a different amount of space than machines designed to help improve cardio-vascular fitness.  And endurance conditioning equipment like stationary bikes and treadmills also have different space requirements.  Your ACE Fitness program advisor can help you decide what best meets your particular needs and can be most appropriate for your new exercise and conditioning room.


You will also want to consider matters such as the number of people who may use the room at one time, since this will determine the amount of space required.  And you also need some guidance on the kind of equipment that best meets your specific desires.


Once you have decided what you have in mind you can then determine whether setting up the room is something you can do yourself or whether it may be preferable to have it done by a contractor.  If it is merely a job of installing floor exercise mats and placing equipment, then it may be a good DIY project.  However, if it requires some additional electrical connections, HVAC improvements or installment of heavy equipment then it might be wise to consider contracting for the work. 

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