Organising the Shed

We’ve all seen them. Those ultra organised sheds that couldn’t possibly have anyone actually use them, yet despite the thought that they’ve never been used, the thought still pervades your mind: why can’t my shed be like that?

The answer? It can. With a little work, mind you. It’s all about how you store things. Take a look at our tips for an organised shed.

Hook Your Hose

If you simply throw your hose in the shed and hope that you can detangle it the next time, you need to rethink your ‘storage solution’. Instead, get it out from under foot and keep it in tact for longer by hanging it on a large hook.

Use the Walls

The walls are space that you should definitely utilise if you get chance. It gets things off the floor, so you don’t trip up and end up with your face in the blades of a lawnmower. Hang your long handled tools on the door of your shed with a tool hanger for easy access.

Invest in shelving units for a sturdy yet versatile way to store your stuff. An open shelf lets the light filter though, so it doesn’t seem like it takes up much space at all. Adjustable shelves are even more versatile. Make sure you have metal or plastic bins to organise your stuff on the shelves too.

Get a magnetic strip to hold metal gear such as shears and trowels. Again, this gets them off the floor so they’re not dangerous, but keeps them within easy reach.

Store it Upright

Your wheelbarrow takes up a lot of room laid out flat – and even if you use the space to store stuff, you still have to take it out every time to need to use it, which becomes a hassle. Instead, lean it up against your potting bench or a wall, thus freeing up floor space.

Create a Quick Carryall

Use a basket or a vintage milk bottle carrier and create a carryall, so all you have to do is to pick it up and go when you want to spend a quick ten minutes gardening. Pop in a pair of gloves, a trowel, shears and perhaps some seeds, and you’ll have everything you need to get to work.

A New Shed

If you’ve organised everything you could possibly organise, but you’re still ending up in a mess, then you’re in need of a new, bigger shed. Invest in one from Sheds and Things, and treat it right from the beginning and you’ll have a shed you can be proud of.


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