Maximize the Efficiency of your HVAC Unit

An HVAC unit is the key to a happy and comfortable home, especially with the temperatures of summer’s hottest days upon us. Because this is such a central feature in the summertime, it’s of utmost importance that it’s taken care of properly so that it can run at peak performance at all times. Take a look at the tips below to maximize the efficiency of your HVAC unit and enjoy crisp, cool air even in the middle of July.

Properly Maintain your Filters

Sites like provide numerous ways to improve your HVAC efficiency, including the most basic like filter maintenance. A clogged filter not only pushes through less air, but it can also cause issues with other parts of your HVAC unit by making them work harder to compensate. Filters should be changed more often than most HVAC owners think: either once every three months on off-seasons, or every month during peak season. This may seem like a lot of maintenance, but it’ll pay off in the end when you’re enjoying a steady stream of evenly cooled air all through summer.

Don’t Skimp on Repairs

The time will come for all HVAC owners when they’ll need to replace a part, or perhaps even their entire unit. Green Plus encourages people to both perform yearly maintenance on their unit and make all necessary repairs immediately. Even if you think something can wait a little longer before attention, any small malfunction in the system is putting strain on the entire unit. The efficiency is lowered, costing you more money and putting your HVAC unit parts at risk of breaking due to their overwork. It’s easy to avoid these scenarios by staying on top of repairs as they’re needed.

Reduce Heat in the Home

An Air Conditioning unit will have to work harder than it should if you don’t take steps to lower the temperature in your house manually. There are several easy steps you can take to do just that, including keeping the windows shut during peak sun hours and not using your dryer or oven when it can be avoided. Appliances like the oven and dryer generate a lot of heat that can be great in the winter, but awful in summer. Additionally, despite what you may think, keeping your windows open during the day may actually invite more heat in. The cross breeze you get will likely not be able to compete with the heat of the sun beating down into your house through the windows.

Keep your Drains Clear

When your drain line gets clogged, you not only risk having a system that overworks itself and air that just isn’t as cool, but you could also cause damage to other parts of your house. The drain line normally leads into the basement or crawlspace of homes, and it can flood that area if it becomes clogged. The cost of cleaning your drains is nothing compared to water damage that might occur.

A properly maintained HVAC unit is an HVAC unit that will last you a long time. In these hot summer days where you’re surely getting a lot of use out of your air conditioning, make sure you take the steps to secure good performance and high efficiency.

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