Maintaining a tip-top shape of your home – A checklist of maintenance tips

While you buy a home, you probably first think of the financial responsibility attached with it. However, don’t allow yourself to forget the labor and time that homeownership always requires. Just as your car remains happy by regular oil change, you similarly have to keep up with some regular home maintenance that will keep you from wasted dollars and future headaches. Home maintenance tasks can be intimidating to think of, especially when you’re a new homeowner. There’s no denying the fact that it’s a long list but the good news is that majority of such tasks can be done on your own without the requirement of much experience. As we know that Google is our best friend, whenever we get stuck, you can take help of Google to help you out. If you’re confused about the things that you got to do for maintaining your home, here’s a checklist for your convenience.

Some monthly checks to do:

  1. Inspect and change HVAC filters: There are many experts who will ask you to change the filters monthly but that is not always required. For small families with no pets, it is okay to change filters every 2-3 months. If the filter has become dirty, change it. Otherwise just keep inspecting every month.
  2. Clean kitchen sink: There are number of ways to do this but the simplest way seems to be using vinegar ice-cubes. Put some vinegar in an ice tray and allow it to freeze. Then run the ice-cubes through the kitchen sink disposal. It freshens up the passage and ice sharpens the blades.
  3. Check the fire extinguishers: You must be aware of the ways in which you should use a fire extinguisher. Make sure the fire extinguisher has easy access and is not blocked by a trash can or anything else and check if the gauge shows adequate pressure and there are no signs of wear and tear.

Some quarterly checks to perform:

  1. Test the smoke detectors: This is yet another simple task which should be performed at least quarterly. The smoke detectors should have a “test” button. If you get the sound of the alarm, it is running fine and if it’s not, replace the batteries and test once again.
  2. Test the auto reverse feature of the garage door: After multiple child deaths in 1993, the federal law required all garage doors to have the auto-reverse feature. Test this every month and also test the photo-electric sensors by placing something in front of them. If the door doesn’t go back, there’s an issue.
  3. Flush toilets and run water in unused places: This is particularly applicable to the guest bathrooms which are not used on a regular basis. The idea behind doing this is preventing any kind of build up. If you regularly run a little bit of water, this can be prevented.

Some biannually checks to perform

  1. Give a deep clean to your house: Choose a particular day for this and give a proper deep clean to your house. Dust every nook and corner of your home and clean up all appliances, windows and other things.
  2. Vacuum your fridge coils: Did you know that your fridge can consume up to 15% of the total power of your home and hence you will want it to run as efficiently as possible. As the coil gets dirty over time, make sure you change them once in a year.

Apart from the above mentioned tips, if had got any Prints and posters in your home, wash them or clean them with a wet cloth so that they don’t make the wall look dirty.

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