Improve Your Curb Appeal by Upgrading Your Windows

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If you need to give your home an instant boost in curb appeal, start by replacing your windows. Installing brand new windows will always be noticeable to passersby. But don’t limit yourself in thinking there is only one style of windows to choose from. Once you begin working with a reputable installation company, look through different window design options to find the perfect ones for your new home.

Bay Windows
This window design is said to have originated during the English Renaissance. Architects would incorporate bay windows into the mansion’s grand halls. Bay windows project out from the home structure in either a square, octagonal or hexagonal shape, leaving a sizeable compartment for you to use.

Depending on where you want to install them, the compartment could be additional seating or used as a place to display plants, pictures, or figurines. Click here to learn more about how bay windows not only improve the look of your home from the outside, but also allow for more natural light to come in.

Oriel Windows
Oriel windows fall under the category of bay windows because they also project out from the home structure. The difference, however, is that oriel windows have corbels placed underneath them for structural support. Typically, bay windows are found on the main floors whereas oriels are located on higher-level floors. A bonus of installing oriel windows is the extra floor space you can create without having to touch the home’s framework.

Bow Windows
Another variation of the bay window is the bow window. These look very similar, except bow windows have a circular shape versus the straight edges of a bay window. There are other subtle differences you should take into consideration if you’re undecided on which one to install.

Though bay windows are larger and provide more of a view, here are the benefits of bow windows. Bow windows consist of more glass, so more natural light comes in. Also, these can wrap around corners and thereby gives a different aesthetic to the property.

Fixed Windows
Fixed windows are simply that; windows that do not move and are fixed in place. Adding this type of window can be beneficial to improving curb appeal because they provide an interesting aesthetic. Fixed windows can be used above doorways, in combination with other window types, or as a skylight window.

Picture Windows
These windows have become more and more popular in recent years, which makes them a great choice for adding instant curb appeal. Picture windows are non-operational, which means they are a type of fixed window and best to use in rooms where ventilation is not needed. Or, you can combine different window types to keep the modern look with the added detail of functionality. The difference between picture windows and fixed is the frame size. Picture windows have a minimal frame to maximize the view.

Specialty Windows
Specialty windows are always a good idea when updating your home. They are another type of fixed window. However, these come in a variety of forms, including geometric shapes, arches, and many more. Though much smaller than picture windows, they still offer interesting views.

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