How to make your Living Room feel cosy

Having a living room that feels warm and cosy, especially in the winter months makes those darker nights an easier prospect. When the cold weather kicks in, our first instinct is usually to turn the heating up, which can quickly lead to big energy bills. Over the years, these hikes in your energy bills can really stack up, so it might be a better option to make some changes to your living room that will help you to feel warmer when you’re relaxing in the evening.

  1. Get a carpet or rug – If you have wooden floors, this adds to the feeling of the coldness in the room. Changing to carpet or even just buying a rug will help to insulate the floor and warm the room up. You can get a really large rug that will cover most of the floor space if you don’t want to get rid of your wooden floors completely.
  2. Get a solid wooden door – A lot of warm air can leave the room through thin doors. By replacing with a more solid alternative to Oak Doors you will not only make your room feel warmer, it will also look great in your living room.
  3. Buy thick curtains – Around your windows is another place that warm air escapes. If you purchase thick, thermal curtains, you will make your room a whole lot warmer. By keeping the warm air in, you won’t feel the need to crank up the heating.
  4. Cover leather sofas – Having a leather sofa looks stylish, but it can be really cold to sit on when your room temperature is low. If you want to keep your leather sofas, then you could invest in some stylish throws/covers so that you are not sitting directly on the cold leather surface. You can get some designs that will compliment the style of your sofa.
  5. Don’t cover radiators – A common mistake that people make is to block off the heat from a radiator by having large items of furniture near to it. Make sure that your sofas, bookshelves and other furniture aren’t blocking your radiator off and if you are short of room then you could think about getting a vertical radiator to solve the problem.
  6. Paint the room – Sometimes coldness is as much a mental thing as a physical thing. By painting your room in warm, cosy colours, you will naturally feel warmer and not think about the cold as much. It may sound silly to some but colour psychology is often used to determine the colours to use when decorating a room.

Don’t spend the next ten years paying huge heating bills when a few small changes could make you feel a whole lot warmer in your living room. If you really want to save money on your heating bills, you could always just go and put some more clothes on! Stock up on those woolly socks and pullovers to keep warm.


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