How to Detect Bed Bug Infestation Anywhere

How to Detect Bed Bug Infestation Anywhere

Anyone who has ever been infested by bed bugs will tell you how uncomfortable and frightening it is. They may be very small insects, but the fear and harm that they can cause may be gigantic. If you have ever been affected, you may know a few things about how to find out if you have been infested. But for someone who is new to these bugs, it may be hard to identify or tell when they have invaded your home. It is important to know how to detect when the bugs have infested your home so that you may take the right bed bug control action before it is too late. Below are ways of finding out if you have bed bugs in your home.

Inspect Everything in Your Home Visually

Looking around is one of the techniques of finding out if this insect is in your home. Since the insects love hiding in dark regions, you may need to use a flashlight. It may help to spot the tiny insects and the marks that they leave such as bloodstains on the bedsheets. Some of the areas you should inspect include:

  • In the beddings
  • The mattress
  • Any holes or hollow places in the house
  • Bed frames
  • Other furniture such as chairs and tables, especially between two frames

If you are not an expert, this method may not be efficient for you because you may not know what to look for. In that case, you should employ another technique.

Set Traps to Help You in the Discovery of the Bugs

Sometimes, the only way to be sure that the bugs are in your home is to set traps. These are devices that capture the insects, hence letting you know that they have infested your home. You may use glue traps for the research. Set them around the house. Once you find one or two of them trapped that should tell you that there are more of them around.

Note that the traps are not the best for alleviating the insects. You should use other things such as bleach that kills both the bugs and their eggs. Bleach can eliminate them completely as long as you spray it in all the areas where the insects hide.

Hire an Expert to Do Home Inspection of Pests

There are times when it is impossible to detect bugs no matter what you try. When this happens and you still think that the bugs have infested your residence, it is time to call for professional help. Experts have their own ways of finding out if there are bugs in your home. Besides, they may use the same techniques that you have applied and got different results.

Once you finish doing the research, you should take action based on your findings. If there are no bugs, ensure that you take measures to prevent them from infesting your home. And if there are, you should start alleviating them immediately. Your home should be the most comfortable place for you.


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