How to Create a Showcase Closet

Here’s a question: What do you use your closet space for, exactly? For many individuals, the answer to that is pretty simple—and a bit boring. The closet is where you store your stuff. It’s where you keep your clothes, shoes, and accessories well-organized. And certainly, that’s one of the basic functions that any closet should serve. What if your closet was something more than that, though? What if your closet was also a showcase—a place where you could actually display your stuff?

That’s not just a pipe dream. Closets like that really do exist. They are called showcase closets, appropriately enough. And your closet could become one. That’s right: With a little hard work and the right closet design, you could turn your boring closet space into your own personal boutique!

There are plenty of reasons to do so, too. For one, it makes it easier to see all the clothing and accessory options that are available to you, and to reach for the things you need. More than that, though, it brings some glamour to your life. It makes going into your closet fun.

Turn Your Closet into a Showcase Closet

If that sounds appealing to you, allow us to share a few quick guidelines:

Get the lighting right. This is so crucial to creating a showcase closet. The whole point is for it to be bright, flamboyant, fun; for you to be able to clearly see all your clothes, scarves, bags, and shoes. You won’t be able to see any of that without the right lighting! Ceiling light is vital for illuminating the whole, but you may also wish to consider individual lights and shelf lights to highlight specific items. Again, what you’re trying to do is create a magnificent boutique display, so don’t hesitate to literally shine a light on your most cherished items.

Remember that not everything belongs in the showcase. You’re bound to have some stuff that doesn’t necessarily need to be showcased—your workout clothes or your old flip-flops, maybe. You still need an organized space for these items, though, so make sure you work that into your closet design.

Organization still matters. Even if you’re shifting from a purely functional closet into a flashy one, you still want your stuff to be organized properly—and you might do that either through color coordination or by putting like items together. However you want to do it is fine—just make sure you do organize.

Don’t forget… the devil’s in the details. The entire look of your closet can be thrown off if you are inconsistent with the hangers you purchase, for example, or if you pick the wrong hardware for drawers and chests. Make sure you pay attention to even these minor aesthetic flourishes!


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