How to Get Smart About Your Home Heating System

With the UK economy just slowly getting back on its feet again, we all have to be sensitive to keeping our household costs in check. This is especially true due to the fact that, in most cases, wages are not rising as fast as inflation. On the inflation side, two of the most rapidly escalating costs are food and utilities. Therefore, anything that you can do to control either of these costs will definitely benefit your household budget and allow you to keep more of your household income. This, then, can be either put away in a savings plan or used to buy any particular items you need. In most cases, a large part of your monthly utility bill, especially during the winter months, will go towards your heating expenses. Therefore, finding the most efficient and effective solution to heat your house will provide you with the greatest savings.


The Problem With Traditional Radiators

You may remember one of the basic lessons from some of your early physics or chemistry classes. A basic premise which never changes is that heat rises. Now, take a moment to think about how you heat your home. If, like many people, you use radiators, they certainly can provide a certain amount of comfort, but they are intrinsically, based again on basic physics, inefficient. Why? This is because all of the heat that they generate rises, as all heat does. That means that, if you happen to check, your ceiling is actually the warmest part of every room. Unless you live completely upside down, having your ceiling as the warmest area of the room doesn’t really do you any good and wastes a lot of energy trying to keep the rest of the room warm. This is especially true in the areas closest to the floor, where you spend most of your time. There has to be a better solution.

Get to Know Radiant Heat

As the name implies, radiant heat actually radiates, or spreads out, across any room. Where does this type of heat come from? Actually, the most effective and practical applications use a system known as underfloor heating, which basically provides heat directly to the floor below you. It is extremely easy to use and have installed. By just visiting, you will find a supplier that is well versed in providing these types of solutions.

Getting the Very Best Results

Any wood floor in your house will absolutely feel completely different the minute you have underfloor radiant heat. If you have some stone floors, which are typically cold to the touch, the results will be even better. You will immediately notice a marked increase in the comfort level as you walk across a room, and even a lot of your furniture will feel nice and toasty thanks to the fact that the radiant heat from the floor actually penetrates the furniture and also warms it up a little. But perhaps more importantly, you will have a far more effective way of heating your home, and the areas where you spend the most time, such as sitting at a table or on a couch or just simply walking across the floor, will all be far more pleasant experiences. And let’s face it, if the ceiling isn’t all that toasty, do you really care?

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