Gardening Tips to Get Your Garden Ready for Spring

When you’re a budding gardener who loves nothing more than to be in the fresh outdoors, surrounded by your beautiful peonies and well-pruned hedges, it’s hard to cope over those few wintery months that limit you from spending valuable time in your beloved garden. With the main, cold months finally behind us, it’s time to get ourselves into action and prepare the garden for the beautiful spring months ahead. Here are some top tips on how you can get your garden ready and finally get those gardening gloves back on!

Clear up the Leaves

No matter what size your garden may be, or where it is positioned, there will always be an abundance of unwanted leaves gathered all over the place, and they’re a nightmare for a number of reasons. Firstly, dead leaves can gather and create the perfect habitat for unwanted creatures that may feed off your beloved plants, you then have the risk of spreading diseases throughout your garden and not to mention the fact that wet leaves can be a slipping hazard. When the weather is cold and blustery there isn’t much point in removing the leaves as they rarely stay in one place, however, once the weather starts to clear up and the sun appears every now and then, it’s best to remove as many leaves as you can.

Repair Flower Beds

Over the winter months our gardens can experience some seriously cold, windy and wet conditions. This can result in your flowerbeds becoming slightly lifeless and messy, so giving them a little TLC will help to ensure they’re in perfect condition for your spring planting. By replacing any rotting soil, you can ensure that the rest of your soil will survive and be healthy. You may also find that the boards you have surrounding your beds may be warped or have started to bend inwards due to the soils rotting. If this is the case, give them a good clean and stick them back in place, or, replace them with some fresh wood to ensure they’re strong enough to last throughout spring and summer.

Kill the Weeds

Weeds are the devil when it comes to gardens, and they seem to grow in all weather conditions. If you have been absent from your garden throughout the winter then you may find you have a few unwanted weeds growing all over, but they shouldn’t be too big at this stage. Killing off the weeds whilst they’re still new and young will help prevent them from growing back over the upcoming weeks. If you have a potting bench, gather your top weed killing products and grab your trusty trowel, once you’ve prepared everything you need you’ll be able to get rid of those nasty weeds and have a neater looking garden instantly.

Prepare the Lawn

Start by removing any leaves that have gathered over your lawn, then continue on to rake any debris or rubbish that has gathered over the last few months. If you have some patches of the lawn that are lighter and dying, sprinkle some grass seed onto the area to give it plenty of time to grow back before the warmer months set in. Don’t cut your lawn until it’s completely dry and at a long enough length to keep its consistency once cut.


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