Five Tips For Dealing With A Whole-House Plumbing Back-Up

There are few words to describe the shock and horror that people feel as raw sewage backs up into their homes. Many homeowners cannot even imagine being able to live comfortably in these environments again, even after they’ve been thoroughly cleaned. Fortunately, however, taking the right actions as soon as these events occur will allow you to minimize their impact, and ensure a quick return to normalcy. Following are five, essential steps that you should take during and after these events to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your property.

Considerable All Water As Being Incredibly Dangerous

During a household flood, there are three different types of water that can enter your home. Among these are clean, potable water, grey water, and black water. If a water supply line ruptures or bursts, your home will be flooded with clean water that’s safe for human contact. When appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines start leaking water that’s already been used as part of their washing cycles, this is known as grey water. Grey water has significant amounts of both chemical and biological contaminants, but physically coming in contact with it is not the end of the world. Grey water is sometimes defined as including runoff from showers, baths, and kitchen sinks. Black water, however, is the most harmful type of these three. It is filled with a number of potentially deadly, biological and chemical contaminants. Water entering the home as the result of a sewage backup should not be allowed to come in contact with the skin, with small children, or with pets. In fact, as soon as you see any of this water entering your home, you and your loved ones should immediately evacuate the affected area. To stop the flood from progressing, make sure to turn off the main water supply and to stop using any plumbing fixtures or appliances right away.

Change Your Clothing And Wash Down Your Pets

If anyone has come in contact with black water, the first and most important thing to do is to head to a safe location with functional plumbing so that you can change your clothes and take a shower. You and your children should not remain in any clothing that has come in contact with the flood waters for any longer than you absolutely have to. You should also wash down any pets that have walked through the flood zone. All soiled clothing should be thoroughly washed in hot water and dried at the highest possible temperatures.

Make Arrangements To Have Your Power Supplies Turned Off

Not only do you want to shut off the main water supply, but you should also make sure that your electricity is turned off as well. Whenever there are standing bodies of water in the home, there is a very real risk of electrocution. It is important to note that having power supplies turned off is essential for ensuring that your emergency water damage restoration company can safely enter your abode and start their work.

Reach Out To Your Insurance Company

Get in touch with your insurance company to report the flood event and start the claims process. Not only will your insurer pay for the necessary restorations and repairs, but many policies will also provide monies for essential hotel stays and dining expenses. If your home has been rendered unusable by this event, your provider can deliver these funds right away.

Create A Clear Access Path For Your Service Providers

Make sure that all scheduled service providers have a clear path both into and through your home. Clear any clutter that is blocking walkways, hallways and entrances. Keep in mind that not only will multiple technicians need to move through these areas, but most will be towing heavy equipment along with them. It is also a good idea to clear all parking areas that are closest to the building structure. This way, these companies can easily access an use any truck-mounted cleaning equipment.

Taking these steps when dealing with a sewage backup can help expedite the cleanup process. Although these events can be incredibly disruptive, your providers will quickly restore your abode back to its former, attractive and usable condition. Within a very nominal amount of time, you and your loved ones can again enjoy a clean and comfortable living environment.


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