Eco-Friendly Bathrooms: An Intro

Maybe you are set with the task to build a bathroom from scratch, or retrofit an existing one. Whatever the case, you’ll likely want to make “the facility” the greenest place it can be. Not only will this help your little pocket of the world, it’ll be more cost efficient in the long run. Here are a handful of ways to inspire you to make your new bathroom the eco-friendly place you want it to be.


1) Air Purity. It’s easy for bathroom air to cause you all kinds of problems. Because your is your home’s busiest waterworks, the air often gets very humid therein. If installing from scratch, give yourself plenty of window, ventilation points, and motorized vents in the ceiling. If all of this is already set in stone, or if you don’t have a huge budget to make the necessary changes, try putting some bathroom appropriate houseplants in the room. Not only will this look visually smashing, they’ll dehumidify the room and put out oxygen into the mugginess. You’d be surprised how much of a difference even a few plants can make.


2) Water Efficiency. It’s easy to waste water. And it’s just as easy to conserve it. First of all, fix your leaks. Then invest in a low-flow shower head, so you’re not watching unnecessary gallons slip away down the drain. Finally, practice smart water habits like short showers and turning off the water while brushing. Also turn your water heater down from extremely high settings. Just keeping your water piping hot is costing you probably more than you realize.


3) Toilet Time. HE toilets can pay for themselves, saving the average family nearly $100 a year. These bowls save over a gallon per flush, and they’re just the gateway to even more bathroom sensibility. It’s possible to refit your current toilet to make it higher-efficiency (but that’s the topic of another post). You can even get a composting toilet to get the most out of that which we usually flush away.


4) Use Green Fixtures and Products. Eco-friendly vanities, low-flow shower heads, and non-latex (non toxic) shower curtains can outfit your bathroom the ethical way. Recycled toilet paper is available at most retailers. Also consider gentler, natural cleaning agents instead of bleach. Bleach gets the job done (and then some), to the point of overkill. Many natural cleaners fit the task at hand without getting to the “scorched earth” level of bleach’s filth fighting powers.


5) Ceramic Tiling. Not only is the right tile visually stunning, it’s also perfect for the bathroom environment. These little guys won’t be damaged by water and humidity. Nor will they harbor mold very easily at all. Finally, many ceramic tiles are produced sustainably, featuring as much as ¾ recycled materials. Did we mention they look good? There’s nothing like looking great and looking awesome in one fell swoop.


There are a lot more ways to make your bathroom a haven of ecological harmony. These should get the wheels turning. We hope that in designing your new bathroom, you experience joy and satisfaction. You’ll be spending a lot of time therein, and it should be everything that it can be.






5. Tile it ceramic.

And finally, for the eco-conscious consumers mulling a complete remodel of their bathrooms: Consider ceramic tiling. Ceramic tiling is not easily damaged by moisture, and some can be made in a low-impact manufacturing process. You can easily purchase environmentally friendly tile, such as these tiles made from “55-75 percent recycled, post-industrial and post-consumer glass such as car windshields, bottles.”



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