Designing Your Ultimate Home Theater

If you don’t want your next movie watching experience to be the same old routine, you need to build the ultimate home theater. There are many considerations, some of which won’t cost too much (surround sound and a popcorn machine), and others which are going to cost you a pretty penny (tiered seating and massive televisions). If you truly want to take your theater to the next level, you’re going to need to consider the following factors: space, seating, sound, screen, and selection.


The space in which you enjoy movies and TV should be unique. The décor could harken back to the old elegant style of early twentieth century theaters, or you could choose a sleeker more modern look.

Whether you detail with gold leaf accents or posters from your favorite movies, be consistent with your design; create a mood and atmosphere before the opening credits even begin to crawl across the screen. Make sure the lighting can be adjusted with faders to replicate the theater experience. Twinkling LED lights in a ceiling add a touch of ambience that all movie-goers will enjoy.


Comfortable should be at the foremost of your concerns because no one is going to enjoy a film if their backs hurt, or their chairs are too hard. You can mix and match the type of seating, so everyone’s tastes are accounted for. Consider adding a row of recliners, chairs, and couches.

If possible, place the seats on tiers to give everyone a clear view of the screen without obstruction. This will allow everyone a chance to choose the place they can relax to enjoy the show.

Here’s a tip: Make sure there are stations for food and beverages because what’s a movie without popcorn? A popcorn machine is a great addition.


Wireless surround sound is the way to go for speakers. You want to be immersed in the theater experience, and with sound coming at you from all angles you will be. Audiophiles can rejoice at how crisp and clear the sound of modern speakers is. You will need at least five speakers to complete the whole sound spectrum: front-center, left-front, right-front, left-rear, and right-rear. Add a subwoofer to the mix for low sounds that shake the floor.


Currently, 4K screens are the hottest new thing, but 3D televisions are great too. All the major manufacturers are onboard with the latest technology, so you can choose a brand you trust to be the focal point of your ultimate home theater.

The higher resolutions of today’s TVs allow you to have a very, very large screen (Imagine 80 inches!). Sixty inches or more should look good no matter where you choose to sit.


What are you going to put on your screen? A Blu-Ray collection is great, but only having a movie collection limits your viewing choices. You’re going to want access to all the best programming. Try out some premium channels and sports packages by choosing a cable or satellite company that offers free trials for a limited time. Click here to learn about qualifying packages that offer free trial periods of Showtime, HBO, Cinemax, and Starz.

Once all these pieces are assembled you will have a home theater that everyone will want to enjoy. Don’t be surprised when your friends and family members start showing up a lot more often. 


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