Decorate your home for New Year eve party – Tips from expert interior designers

As we’re about to welcome the New Year, this is definitely the perfect time to keep your creativity flowing. Without the right kind of decoration, it is tough to create the aura of Christmas and New Year. It is during this time of the year that most people desperately look forward for some tips to decorate and design their houses in the best possible way. The right decoration can make your celebration complete and it also helps your party stand out among the crowd of other parties. By following a few basic tips and by getting a few basic supplies, you can simply create the environment of a successfully New Year eve party. If you’re not aware of such ideas, here’s help for you. Check out the small changes that you need to make.

  • Add colors: The New Year eve is all about the right kind of celebration and this is best represented through the selection of some sophisticated, celebratory colors like white, black, silver and gold. You can also add a dash of metallic red to your party as this is always the best color that can be associated with Christmas and New Year. Try and maintain the same color scheme throughout your party. For the smaller items like candles, vase or the beaded garlands, add a single accent color like blue, red or pink.
  • Choose the right table: Parties usually tend to center around food and drinks and hence the most important area which needs to be decorated and protected is the table at your dining room. Cover the table with a table cloth and black should be the preferable color, collect some oversized crystal candleholders and group the candles to make them look like a centerpiece. You can even use upside down wine glasses. Place some silver flowers or feathers or tie some napkins with the center of each plate. For appropriate looking tables, you can look for reproduction furniture available in Sydney.
  • Choose the right accessories: As you’re celebrating the passing of the previous year and welcoming the New Year, you can stack clocks on the mantel as that is the best way to signify the passing of one year and the coming of another year. You can spray-paint the bare tree branches with white color and then stack them in a vase in order to display it at your side table. Place tea candles randomly on every mantel and on every table. If there are foam balls, you can spray them with gold color and hang them from the ceiling using strings.
  • Decorate the walls: Every party requires someone who can start a conversation and hence you can easily use a bare wall in order to create the statement. Create a photo collage and arrange them in the shape of the numbers of the New Year and then you can again take them out as the party is done.

So, for decorating your home for Christmas and New Year, you can take into account the above mentioned tips for decoration.


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