Creating a Motivating Home Office

Working from home can be hugely beneficial. Not only are you more settled in your home environment, but having your own dedicated space for working will instantly make you feel more motivated and inspired, compared to working from the kitchen table or sofa. Another great benefit to having your own home office is the ability to design your workspace to best suit you, but with this in mind, there are a few elements to consider to ensure your workspace is inspiring and motivating. Here are some points to consider when designing your own home office!


The most important thing to consider when it comes to a home office is location. There’s no point in positioning your office in the busiest, loudest area of your house, as this will only cause distraction and lack of concentration. Choose a room that is positioned in a section of the house that will enable you to concentrate and work with no distractions.

Colour Schemes

Colours play a huge part in the way you feel and work. Every colour has a meaning and influences the mind in some way, and for concentration and inspiration, blue is the colour to choose. Dependant on the style of your home, stick with a colour scheme that will help you stay motivated but will also fit in with the rest of your homes décor. Sticking with softer colours will ensure you can stay focused and positive. Try to avoid using black or grey in your office, as these are the two colours that can cause the mind to wander and create a negative, dull atmosphere.


Choosing the lighting for your office is dependent on the style and layout of the room. For rooms with a substantial flow of natural lighting, it’s always good to make the most of this by keeping the windows clear and allowing the light to filter through the room. Natural light is perfect for creating a positive, motivating atmosphere that will help you stay focused and happy when working. If your office space lacks natural light, artificial lighting can be used just as well to create the same feel. Balance out the artificial lighting through main ceiling lights, as well as floor lamps and desk lamps. Having a selection of lights will enable you to control how bright your office is and help you work as efficiently as possible.

Storage and Furniture

There’s nothing more distracting and demotivating than a messy, unorganised office. Not being able to find a certain piece of paper or the stapler can be so frustrating, so keeping on top of your things will help you have a clear mind and positive feel within the room. Storage is ideal within a home office, whether you use an oak bookcase to store your essential books and files, or you invest in a filing cabinet to keep the important paperwork neat and in order, there are so many ways in which you can keep organised and keep your office looking and feeling tidy.

You then need to consider your furniture. A comfortable chair is a must within an office of any type, as you need to feel comfortable in order to get into the work mode and concentrate properly. You could then look at introducing other important items such as a clock, calendar and so on, as these items will come in surprisingly useful and help you to stay organised at the same time.

Make it Personal

Personal touches are really important in any room, but having them in your home office is particularly beneficial. Adding items such as family photographs, certificates, personal achievements and even bits and pieces that have been hand crafted by your little ones, can make your office space a much homelier, welcoming space. These items will also help keep you motivated and give you the inspiration to keep going and get your work done.

Home Improvements

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