How to Choose a Holiday Home

If you’re fortunate enough to be in a financial position where buying a holiday home is a viable option, make sure you invest your money wisely. Whether you’re looking for a getaway apartment where you and your family will be able to relax and enjoy another climate, or if you’re serious about renting out to holidaymakers, follow these simple steps for success.

Planning Ahead

Buying a holiday home is a huge financial commitment. It’s very important to consider the needs of you and your family, and whether you’re choosing a property that you will enjoy visiting for years to come. Most people need some kind of financial help when purchasing a holiday home, so start thinking about the mortgage and how much you can afford to pay each month towards the upkeep of your holiday property. You may even want to buy a holiday home as an investment for your retirement years.

Attracting Holidaymakers

It’s always best to seek expert advice before you make a buy-to-let decision in a foreign country. You need to know certain things about the property market and the health of the tourist industry in the country where you’re hoping to buy a holiday home. Think about the kind of people you wish to attract and what their needs will be. Match the type of property you’re looking to buy with the requirements of potential tenants and you’ll guarantee bookings throughout the holiday seasons. Unfortunately, holiday homes do tend to stand empty during quiet parts of the year, particularly when it’s colder or school is in session. You need to be prepared for periods where you won’t be generating income from your holiday home.

Insurance and Safety

All rented properties must conform to certain safety standards. If your guests become sick or injured due to an unsafe environment, you may find yourself liable. All electrical and gas appliances must be regularly checked and maintained to ensure that they are safe to use, and the property must also conform to fire safety regulations. You’ll need insurance for your holiday home, whether you’re looking to rent or not, and you can find competitive rates online using tools like Click4Quote. If you’re buying a holiday home for personal use and are attracted to a more secluded location where you can really ‘get away’, you may wish to consider a more sophisticated alarm system or CCTV, as properties that stand empty in remote locations can be vulnerable to burglaries.



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