Children’s Bedroom Ideas for Spring

Spring is a time for new beginnings. We all welcome the beams of sunshine that start to peek through the clouds and the longer hours of daylight that brighten us up. Everything starts to come back to life and there’s no better time than the spring to clean your house of old things and revive it for the new year ahead. Kids are likely to be back to their bouncing selves and as they grow up faster than we can keep up with, it’s probably time to freshen up give their bedrooms. Make sure they’re included in the excitement of spring with these few new bedroom ideas.

Get Colourful

Whether they’re a cool little dude or a girly princess, a new lick of paint and some colourful fabrics can make a world of difference to the feel of your kids’ bedroom. Pick out a colour palette of three or four colours that include neutrals as well as accent shades to establish a theme. Spring colours often include refreshing tones such as mint green, yellow or pastels.

Get Crafty

There are plenty of fun craft activities that you can get your kids involved in for spring. Pick projects that you can hang up or feature around their room such as their own pillow case, a seasonal calendar or even Easter egg shapes made from woven string.

Get Organised

When you think of spring cleaning, your mind will most likely jump to your kids’ bedroom. The multitude of toys they accumulate, stationary left scattered and clothes strewn around is a tough job to handle and keep organised. But there are plenty of cute, easy and attractive ways to keep their things tidy. A clever investment is a mid-sleeper bed from a trusted supplier such as Bedz’R’Us. Not only do they look great but mid-sleeper beds are also great value for money. They often have multiple functions including desks, drawers, shelves and play-spaces. Not to mention a whole load of storage beneath them that can be great for smaller rooms as they reduce the amount of floor space that is taken up by the bed.

Get Decorative

For spring, get your kids into an active and seasonal mood by changing up the decorative accessories in their room. Spring is all about nature blossoming so keep the theme around animals such as bees, birds, butterflies and rabbits or plants and food like carrots, eggs, daffodils and other flowers. You could add ornaments onto surfaces or windowsills or hang up prints, pictures or vinyl decals onto the walls to add that decorative touch.

So go wild for spring. Be sure to mix up lasting changes that will look great throughout the year with temporary changes especially for the season and you can’t go wrong this spring. 


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