Be Careful not to Bring Bedbugs Home from Your Vacation

Be Careful not to Bring Bedbugs Home from Your Vacation

Whether you are staying in a chalet in a mountain or cabin on the lake, vacation rentals can be a significant method to save cash on a vacation. The accommodations are usually great and nicer than an inn or a hotel and are often they offer access to all your desired activities and your areas of interest.

While the vacation rentals are infrequently reported to have bedbug problems, it would be recommended for visitors to be careful with these creatures and their residential places to avoid bringing them into their homes.

Bed bugs are tiny parasitic and irritable insects that feast on human blood. Although the bed bugs were almost eradicated in the 1950s, they made their way back late and they are transported from one place to another. They attach themselves to clothes, hair, skin, and bags. Their bites no serious medical issues despite some rashes which are unsightly and they itch so badly such that constant itching can cause infections.

Since these pesky small insects are found in even these most scrupulous brand-name department stores and even on public transportation, it is good for you to take them seriously when traveling. Since most conventional repellants don’t scare away these creepy little clutters from being transported in or out of a vacation rental, here are precautions you can take to remain safe:

Before you go for a vacation

Go online and search whether your rental has ever been reported to have bedbug problem reports. If there are one or two reports, there is no need to be too much concerned. Contact the rental and find out what they’re doing about the problem. If there are many reports, you will have to choose another place to spend your vacation.

During the vacation

Inspect your room before unpacking your luggage. Bed bugs are nocturnal and they hide during the day. You will need to pull away from the sheets on the bed to inspect the corners of the mattress and the box springs, under the tags and more places for bed bugs can hide. If found any evidence of bedbugs, immediately notify the manager

After vacation.

Even if you haven’t noticed bed bug during your vacation, there tiny creepy devils have a way of finding a way into your own house once your vacation is over. The precaution measure this from happening.

You should avoid possibly infesting your car when leaving by placing your luggage in a large trash bag. After reaching home, you should unpack your luggage in the garage or in an uncarpeted area. Do not unpack on your bed. Immediately wash all the clothes and dry for immediate at the highest temperatures possible. Enclose your pillows and mattresses in zippered cases for at least two weeks after you return. Also, periodic checks of carpeting, mattresses and curtain seams for a full month are essential to catch any early signs of bed bug invasion.

It is an easy task to prevent bed bugs from invading your house than to get rid of them once they set their residents at your home. However, if you end up with an infestation, it may take a professional exterminator, like those from Rove Pest to get rid of the problem.


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