Arranging wedding flowers – Should you go DIY or hire a florist?

 For most brides, no dream seems to be too big for their wedding day. A beautiful wedding gown, a splendid venue, friends and family, great food, endless love and a courtyard filled with flowers plunked into old mason jars. Do you find anything wrong with that last statement? Would a bride want do-it-yourself (DIY) bouquets on her wedding day? If yes, then why? Do you stitch your own wedding gown or cook your own food on your D-Day? No! Then why would you like to become a DIY florist? Well, it would certainly have some monetary pursuits, most possibly of saving your dollars. But is this always a good idea to arrange your own wedding flowers? Or should you hire a florist? Check it out.


Wedding flower mistakes that should be strictly avoided


After a survey among some top wedding florists from around the country, they have spoken about some of top wedding mistakes that brides make.


  1. Not giving a look at the bigger picture: Most couples tend to see the centrepieces and the table settings but they often fail to visualize the entire reception room with the guests in it. For instance, couples often are ready to pay for a room with an awesome view of the ocean with a scenic environment and then surround them with large centrepieces that will obstruct the entire view.
  2. Not trusting their florist: Since it’s your wedding day, you should communicate your likes, dislikes, visions, expectations and also have a little bit of flexibility at the same time to be comfortable with substitution. The florists are there to make your wedding day special and hence you need to trust your vendors and remember why you hired them.
  3. Booking your florist last: This is one of the most common mistakes that a couple make. Couples should actually start the process of booking vendors by talking to at least one vendor of each category before finalizing anyone. By comparing and contrasting costs, you can end up choosing the best one that fits into your budget.


What happens when you go for DIY?


There are many floral designers who choose to opt for DIY when it comes to arranging their wedding flowers. But there are certain hassles associated with DIY arrangements.


  • You have to get all your supplies together and get buckets, floral food, buckets, clippers and carry them back to your home.
  • You need a lot of help from your friends and family members in order to arrange everything on your own. If you don’t have enough support, it will become tough for you to do it on your own.
  • Often it happens that some flowers that come are bad and the vases that are ordered are often junk. Therefore, you should not expect the best quality of flowers to arrive for you.


After considering the risks and the mistakes that needs to be avoided, you should take a measured decision before opting for DIY. You can instead get help of the florist North Ryde options as there are many that are proficient dealers of best quality wedding flowers.


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