A Buying Guide to Contemporary Bathtubs

If you want to do a bathroom remodel, then you may also want to look at the range of contemporary bathtubs that are out there. But why should you choose something contemporary? There are actually many reasons for this, not in the least the fact that you have a huge range of colors, designs, styles and materials to choose from. Additionally, contemporary bathtubs come with a range of features that will truly allow you to create the relaxing bathroom that you are hoping for.

Types of Contemporary Bathtubs

There are many different types of bathtubs today, giving you choices that you never had in the past. This is why you should start by building an understanding of the types that are out there. They include:

  • The Japanese soaking tub. This has a really deep bathing area that looks more like a well. As such, you can fully submerge your body in the water. You do not lie down in this bath, but rather you sit in it. Generally, they come with seats that are cushioned.

  • The Jacuzzi tub. This is also known as a hot tube, which can be placed not just in your bathroom but also in your garden or other outdoor area. A lot of people now have these outside to entertain or during parties, as they can accommodate many people as well.

  • The corner tub. This is great for bathrooms that aren’t overly big. If you have angled spaces or limited space, then this is the perfect tub.

  • Air tubs. These are like Jacuzzis, but they use jets of air, rather than jets of water. They offer a gorgeous massage but it is import to understand that they are not therapeutic in the way that a water jet tub is.

  • Jetted tubs. These are the ones that use high speed water in the jets. It helps to relieve stress and ease muscles and has wonderful therapeutic benefits.

  • Handicap tubs. If you are in any way disabled, getting into a bathtub may seem impossible. However, there are no bathtubs specifically for people with a handicap. Most of these have a door on them, so that you are able to get in and out of the tub without having to step over an edge.

  • Pedestal tubs. Finally, there is the pedestal tub, which is generally a freestanding model. They are like clawfoot baths, with the main different being that they aren’t raised on feet but stand on a pedestal. This saves a lot of space as well, because they are very deep rather than very long.

Now that you are ready to choose from the various contemporary bathtubs that are on offer, you will also have noticed that they are not cheap. Hence, you need to know how to maintain them properly to ensure longevity. Your designer should have provided you with instructions on how to clean and care for your tub, and you should make sure that you follow these recommendations closely.


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