5 top summer bedroom ideas

The bedroom is one of, if not the most important room in a home. It’s one of the places where we spend the most time, and more importantly have “me time”. It allows you to unwind from a hard day, collect your thoughts and relax. With summer here, it’s time to give your bedroom the TLC it gives you, with 5 great ways summer bedroom ideas that you’ll love!

Keep it fresh

White is a popular colour during the summer months, particularly when it comes to fashion, but why not use it in your bedroom too? Using white as the base colour for a bedroom is a great way to get that summer feeling. It’s fresh, pure and clean, and the benefit of using a simple colour like white is that the serenity of it creates a relaxing and comforting atmosphere, making for a peaceful and welcoming environment which has been known to enhance your quality of sleep which according to Leo Newman, is what people look for when in a bedroom when looking into properties. If transforming your bedroom totally white isn’t for you, a great idea is to add white accessories such as pillows and drawers. Doing this will still give you the feel of summer in your room, but also keep the identity of your bedroom that you had before, as well as of course suiting your personal preference of colour.

Decorate with lights

Lighting is a key aspect of any room in the home, but particularly the bedroom. Not only is a light fixed to serve the purpose of adding brightness to a room in order to be able to carry out functions of everyday life, but they can also be a great decoration and feature of a room. In the summer, the days are longer and the nights are lighter, and there’s no better feeling than going home to a bright, well-lit bedroom. Popular lighting choices for a bedroom particularly in the summer are spot lights and fairly lights hung up on the walls for a decorative feature. If you are looking for a light that will steal the show – chandeliers are recommended. It is also important to consider that yellow lights are recommended in the bedroom, as according to Science Daily, white light LEDs tend to make you feel awake during the night and may cause behaviour disruptions.

Keep it simple

Less is more, is a very common term. In the bedroom, keeping it simple gives a crisp, clean feel, as well as making the room look spacious, organised and easy on the eye. The key to a simple bedroom is to have as little clutter as possible and keeping the walls and floors as minimalist as you can, with maybe just adding a simple rug and painting to add some character and personality, as well as a plant in the corner of the room to give it a fresh, summer feel. Another tip is to stick to minimal colours and patterns. Simple shades of neutral and pastel colours are advisable if you are going for a minimalistic look.

Reuse, recycle and D.I.Y.

If you have a lot of junk stored that you can’t seem to throw away, or maybe unwanted items in your room that you haven’t had time to clear out, a great way to be imaginative is by adding a personal touch by hand making accessories. As you are being environmentally friendly and saving precious pennies by creating accessories out of your old things, it is also a great way to out your creative side into use. A popular idea is turning mason jars into hanging lights, or using the fabric of old clothes to turn into something new. If you are struggling for some inspiration, there are plenty of ideas online to help you!

Hang things up

Although particularly in the summer, it’s good to have clean walls with little occupying them, you don’t want your bedroom to lack character? There are many ways to stop this from happening. The most common ways are to hang up your favourite photos. Another way could be using paintings and canvases are to fill up the blank spaces. Hanging shelves on the walls is also an option, and also then creates more area in the room as it is leaving floor space. As mentioned above, try and keep things at a minimum to stop your bedroom from looking tacky, however the great thing about being able to hang things up is that you can actually change it frequently to always keep your bedroom looking fresh, so it don’t just have to be a summer trend!


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