4 Businesses That Really Need Interior Design

You might be surprised by how many businesses rely on first impressions but don’t make it a priority. Interior design isn’t just for posh spas and other luxury-minded businesses. The first time an in-person customer sees your commercial space, they’re forming an impression of your success and professionalism. Without the right interior design, you might lose out on a major deal or long-term customer.


As an added bonus, commercial interior design can often be a tax write-off when you efile online for free for the year. It’s simple for a CPA to show that it’s an integral part of your business and (if kept at a reasonable rate) won’t throw up any red flags to the IRS. Here are a few of the most common businesses that need interior design but might be slipping in that department:


1. Law firms


There’s a certain “look” that some law firms try to secure such as massive, dark conference tables and executive desks. Maroons and dark browns are common, but this is easy to tread into ironic territory. More and more attorneys are moving to a more relaxed vibe where clients feel comfortable and not intimidated. Whether you specialize in motorcycle accidents or estate planning, making your clients feel at ease via their environment is crucial.


2. CPA firms


You might be drowning in paperwork, but if you don’t have a clean and organized office space, what does that suggest to your clients about your work? Accountants should focus on their impression as well as their quality of work. This can be challenging to squeeze into busy schedules, which is why interior designers are a great match for CPAs.


3. Photography studios


Photographers have a tendency to focus on what matters, leaving the rest of their studio in disarray. It can be challenging to make a living as a photographer, and your clients should feel at ease the moment they arrive. Letting photographers focus on the shooting area while interior designers take care of the rest of the space can lead to more bookings and great word of mouth references.


4. Mental health experts


Whether you’re a psychiatrist or a therapist, take a look around your office. You already know how important atmosphere is to people, and your clients, so don’t lag in this department. Work with a designer to create the kind of environment that’s best for your practice.


The touch of an expert can greatly improve your bottom line and referrals. Consider it a necessary business expense along with your accountant and HR manager.


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