3 Ways to Reduce Your Heating Bills Today

With the increasing cost of heating bills for our homes, we’ve gotten used to paying a high price to stay warm. Well if this is your situation, then we’re here to help you get smart about heating to slash those costs right down.

Here are three ways to reduce your heating bills starting today.

3.Get a Heat Recovery Ventilation System

A heat recovery ventilation system is designed to clean the air and redistribute it throughout a home. It works by pulling warm, stale air out of rooms, extracting the heat and stripping out any pollutants too. Air is pulled in from outside, filtered, and then the collected heat is reapplied to the new air. Ducting is used from the ventilation system to pass through every room sharing the clean, warm air around the home.

The idea with this kind of system, installed by companies such as BPC Ventilation, is to cut the home energy costs by retaining warm air while removing dust and other particles at the same time. It shares the heat throughout the home – not just in the rooms where the heater is turned on – which has the added benefit of avoiding a damp build-up in parts of your home that are the least occupied.

The even heating being spread around the home prevents you from getting cold chills when moving from a heated room to a chilly one, which causes many a homeowner to turn up the heating! This type of system reduces heating bills because it provides for a more consistent warmth and the body adjusts to the consistent temperature far better.

4.Adjust Your Thermostat Down a Few Degrees

We’ve all been guilty of having the thermostat turned up too high in the winter and early spring and then failing to turn it down enough when it gets warmer outside. Also, sometimes a chilly night sees us turning up the heat and usually failing to drop the temperature setting back down when the cold spell has passed through.

Check to see whether your thermostat is currently set too high for a home with modern insulation in the walls. Make the temperature adjustment to a couple of degrees lower if you think you cannot stand to reduce it significantly. Let your body adjust to the slightly lower temperature and then make a second adjustment. See how far you can drop the setting and still feel comfortable. Then notice the energy savings when the next bill arrives.

5.Wear Socks!

It might sound strange but walking around the home in bare feet can make your whole body feel cold. This is especially true if you’ve followed the trend to have wooden flooring instead of carpeting. Chilly mornings walking around with nothing on your feet is bound to give you shivers up your spine and have you reaching for the heating control remote to turn it up. Avoid the temptation by always having something covering your feet when walking around indoors.

There you have it. Any one of these approaches is going to help you reduce what you’re paying to the electricity or gas company next quarter. Just don’t tell them that we told you, otherwise they might get upset with us!


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