3 Ways to Avoid Dangerous Household Accidents

People are injured and killed in their homes more than almost any other way. It’s never something you expect, but when household accidents occur, they are almost always avoidable. I’ve got three of the most common causes of household accident, along with solutions to make sure that none of these things ever happen to you, a guest, or anyone in your family.

  1. Over 16,000 US citizens are injured or killed in household fires. Often, if household smoke detectors had been working, these could have been avoided. It’s really easy to forget about household smoke detectors. They’re located out of the way. The only reason I typically notice them is when I burn toast. Very often, people remove the batteries from their old smoke detectors for just this reason. The inconvenience of a noisy, annoying smoke detector during cooking is no reason to disable your detectors, but it seems to be a temptation that many people can’t resist. For this reason, new construction codes dictate that smoke detectors need now to be hardwired into the house, linked one to another through the entire structure. This is a much better, safer system, and it’s already saving lives every year. It’s not extremely expensive to have this system put into your home retroactively, and it’s subsidized in many states. Make this investment for the safety of you, your family, your pets, your friends, and your neighbors. A home inspector can easily analyze the cost and scope of a project like this.

  2. About 3,500 people drown in pools every year. I was honestly surprised when I looked up that statistic, as it’s more than I expected. Many of these water deaths occur when children are using a swimming pool unobserved by adults. An Arizona Pool Fence company has the answer. By installing a clear glass enclosure all the way around an inground pool, you can be sure that no one will be in the water without your permission. These pools save lives and even add equity to your home, as they are a safety measure that makes sometimes dangerous pools entirely safe. They make pools an option for families with children or disabled family members. And families with pets can also rest easy.

  3. Many homes built more than a couple of decades ago have aluminum wiring, or even knob and tube systems. These systems are dangerous and can cause fire. Rewiring isn’t cheap, but it could save the life of you and the people you love. Like the pool fence system mentioned above, modern wiring adds a lot of value to your home, as new buyers certainly won’t want to pay for it themselves, but will want to know that they are safe when they sleep.

These are three of the best ways to make your home safe. Household accidents happen, but by having these three major areas taken care of, the chance of your being seriously hurt in your home will be greatly reduced. It’s easy to overlook or delay these matters, so don’t wait. Invest in your home with these safety measures this year.


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