3 Types of Oak Door


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Numerous materials have become trendy to make doors out of over the years. From the UPVC staples of the late 20th century suburbs to the iron creations of modern industrial apartments, every decade has brought in a new experimental material to create doors with. However, whilst these trends may come and go, solid oak has remained consistently trendy, popular and reliable. This elder-statesman of materials has been delivering its mixture of sure-fire sturdiness and refined texture for centuries and has been featured everywhere, from country cottages to city townhouses. This material works both in traditional and innovative designs and there are thousands of suppliers that offer a range of styles at reasonable prices. So if you’re thinking of either returning to this classic material or want to try it out for the first time, here are the 3 main types of Oak Doors and where they work best.

Modern Oak Doors

Modern oak doors are all about subtle shifts in texture, straight lines, hard patterns and super smooth surfaces. These doors are a combination of a variety of styles and eras with these various influences compressed, streamlined and reformed. A great example of this style of door is the SALO K7000 oak, from Todd Doors’ oak doors selection. This door has the smooth surface of the 1970’s pure minimalist doors but with squares of different oak textures fitted. These squares are not raised, nor do they break the surface, but through the use of alternating textures create breaks and patterns reminiscent of a classic panelled door. Other modern oak doors may also incorporate slender or slit windows which although have a slightly harder, industrial feel to them, then their Art-Deco forefathers, create the same sense of space and light. These modern oak doors look great in spacious apartments that are minimalist in decoration. They also particularly compliment sparse metal fittings and bright flashes of colour.

Traditional Oak Doors

When it comes to traditional oak doors there is nothing more classic then a panelled number. This Victorian staple has been one of the most enduringly popular and versatile internal door designs that has ever been. If you are a vintage fiend who wants an authentic retro décor, then a varnished dark oak door with a smart polished doorknob is all you need. If you are the softer sort of vintage lover, why not get a lighter shade of oak and a simple sturdy handle to get that real farmhouse look. For the more bright and funky decorators amongst you, why not paint your panelled door a statement colour like red or purple to really make it standout. Finally, if you’re a minimalist lover who just wants a hint of heritage, why not make the door match the colour of the walls.

Glazed Oak Doors

Perfect for those who want to create a spacious and light space, a glazed door is a good choice for those who have limited room. Not only do these designs create a more laid-back atmosphere but they also prohibit rooms starved of sunlight from getting too shadowy or unwelcoming. Although glazed doors can be modern designs, the best versions are often those that utilise the Art-Deco origins of this style. Therefore, pick something simple and clean-cut but with a large amount of the design devoted to the window itself. Whilst white is traditional, soft bare oak is also a good choice. These doors are perfect for those homes with a more bohemian décor and for owners who prefer a more relaxed and open vibe.

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