3 DIY Home Projects You Really Can Do Yourself

Think you need to call in a contractor or professional decorator for every update to your home? Many times it’s best to rely on professional help, but don’t underestimate your own skills or the pride you’ll enjoy by tackling a project yourself. Depending on your ability and tools, there are a number of mini projects that you can take care of, which won’t just save you money but also help you hone a skill and give you a shot of pride in your property.


First, consider what hardware tools you already have or which are affordable enough to pick up. This can dictate which projects are in your realm and which would be too much of a bother (or too costly) to gear up for. Next, it’s all about digging deep and being realistic about what you can and can’t do. Here are a few pretty simple DIY home projects that many people can master:


1. Re-staining the deck or garage door


This is incredibly simple if it’s a new deck or door since you don’t need to sand it first. However, a good cleaning and/or wiping it down is essential. Remove all the debris, sand if necessary (renting a sander will save you a lot of time and trouble), then proceed to “paint” on the stain or coverage of your choice. Follow the grains if applicable, and all you’ll need is a sealant and eye for catching missed spots.


2. Embracing feng shui


There are hard and fast rules for feng shui as well as ways to adapt them to suit your home’s layout. Are you interested in getting a better night’s sleep or more relaxation in the bathroom? The positioning of furniture and art can make all the difference (whether you think it’s a placebo effect or not). Peruse an online tutorial for feng shui and use that to dictate furniture re-placement.


3. Optimizing natural light


You don’t need an interior decorator to tell you that moving the couch away from the window or adding mirrors into narrow sections of the home will help brighten things up. You can cut down on energy bills, get a little more interior vitamin D and enjoy the most beautiful possible light with a few changes.


There are tougher tasks such as installing new cabinet doors, new bathroom fixtures or swapping out windows for better insulated ones, too. Once you get started down the DIY path, who knows what you’ll discover you’re capable of?


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