15 jaw dropping Modular Kitchen designs which will alarm your home

Indian homes are fast adopting modular kitchens as they bring in several advantages that the traditional setups lacked. The modular kitchens of today are just not designed to fit individual preferences and needs but also add to the décor and functionality of a kitchen space. In fact, 90% of urban homes in India kitchen designs have are modular today. Homeowners are investing in units that integrate cabinetry, special units for cutlery, flap doors, bottle pullouts, grain trolleys, chimneys, and many other kitchen interior elements that wouldn’t have been an average choice even a decade ago.

Here are 15 awesome modular kitchen designs to work upon:

  1. Gothic Quarters: Simplified geometry of space with most of the furnishing integrated into wall panels.


  1. Boston Modern Décor: Minimalist design and contrasting use of color. Here we see glossy cabinets matched with black island kitchen.


  1. ASAP Kitchens: Integrates abstract cupboards, siltstone counter tops and subtle color scheme.


  1. Dodd Kitchen: Use of beneficial lighting from corner windows and installation of ceiling fixtures. Dodd Kitchens are equipped with modern kitchen conveniences.


  1. Mill Valley: Island kitchen with semi gloss black and contrasting white granite counters and matched perfectly with wooden floorboards.


  1. LG House: Primary material used here is Caesarean quartz integrating a poetic drama into the kitchen space.


  1. Modern contemporary kitchen: built in shelving, open kitchen design and glass pendant lighting makes this modular kitchen a perfect of modern Indian homes. Compliment the décor with a lounge chair!


  1. Passive retreats: high performance and beneficial use of small kitchen space. Zed roof and use of bright colors makes this kitchen lively and stunning.


  1. Pedini Integra: Stainless steel Bridge for countertop complimented by door veneer makes this island kitchen a fabulous space to cook and gossip around.


  1. San Clementa modular design: Wonderful natural textures and use of subtle tiles creates a gothic appeal. Also mark the hexagonal tiles on the floor.


  1. Pedini Magika: Sophistication re-defined with minimalistic décor and use of mechanical materials to create futuristic modular kitchen design.


  1. Shelter Island: Another effective kitchen space for smaller homes, these include island kitchens with cottage type décor. Carpet runners, benches, wood slat stools at counter and simple cabinets makes it a beautiful cooking and dining space.


  1. Three Bar House: U-shaped modular kitchen with huge windows and clean counter tops.


  1. High class modular: Black drawers and cabinets complimented by deep colors on wall and floor tiles.


  1. Wood block kitchen: Characterized by contrasting ceiling and lighter colored counter tops and cooking space. Minimalist and highly functional.


These alarming designs of modular kitchen might look a bit on the higher side of the budget but they are meant to be permanent installations that facilitate more than a generation of use. Increased durability comes by keeping your kitchen clean and organized at all times.

If you are building a new home, remodeling or renovating, investing in a modular kitchen would be an advisable option. However, there are a lot of choices to be made as Sleek Modular Kitchens delivers boundless picks of colors, materials designs and shapes within your budget.


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