10 DIY Furniture Removal Tips To Make It Easier For You

Ending a lease or selling property, along with the cost and stress of actually packing up your entire life and hiring a moving company to help you transport your belongings to your new home can really take a toll on a person, mentally, physically, as well as financially. If you can’t figure a way to get all your furniture out of your home, you may end up spending tons of money buying from online reproduction furniture sites. Fortunately, moving can be done all on your own, additionally it doesn’t have to be the maddening and exhausting process that one might envision.


1. Protect your furniture

Moving is the enemy of your leather couch, or that super comfy fabric recliner your family loves so much. So protect these important pieces of furniture with sturdy blankets and plastic wrapping.

2. Shoulder Straps

Save yourself a whole lot of pain and use shoulder straps to help distribute weight more evenly throughout your body when lifting heavy items.

3. Slide, not drag.

Whenever possible try to slide your heavy boxes across flat surfaces, rather than dragging them and struggling.

4. Curve Chairs Around Doors

When trying to maneuver that funnily shaped rocking chair through narrow doorways, curve one part of the “L” into the doorway at a time, rather than trying to force it through. Work smarter, not harder.

5. Remove doorway moldings

In another effort to create a “smarter” moving space, be sure to remove those pesky doorway moldings before beginning your move. This will give you that extra inch that you’ll be sure to need when moving your giant couch out of your doorway.

6. Disassemble as much as possible

I know it took you hours to assemble that cabinet from Ikea, but you’ll spend just as much time trying to figure out how to fit said cabinet in your friend’s truck, when you could easily disassemble the cabinet and stick it in the backseat of your car in no time. Disassemble.

7. Mattress Slings

Soft and comfy is great for sleeping on, not so great for lifting though. So create your own mattress sling with rope and avoid all the slips and frustration that come with toting your mattress around.

8. Carry Big Items High & Low

Instead of yelling at your friends and arguing with loved ones about who’s carrying the heavier load, use gravity to your advantage and move big items in a high-low manner so as not to stress either carrier’s body too much.

9. Enlist your friends

Those aforementioned friends, call them. If you don’t want to hire movers and also don’t want to spend an entire week moving, you’re going to need help. Pull out your friend card and ask for help!

10. Map out your drop spot

To avoid clutter and the post-move headaches, pre-plan where you want your old furniture to sit in your new home. This way you can put everything where it belongs the first time, rather than sorting everything out again later.


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