Your New Favorite Room – The Basement!

In your current home, it might seem like all of your rooms already have a permanent function. There is the kitchen, the living room, the bedrooms, and perhaps a den or office. But what if you catch a bug to do something different, exciting, modern, or experimental? Well, it’s time to think about that large, undefined space down the set of rickety wooden stairs – the basement! With an open mind and some professional help, you can turn your basement into the perfect place for entertainment, comfort, or just plain intrigue. Here are a few ideas to get your brainstorming started …

Make It Personal

The upstairs of your home can be relatively public. Most anyone who comes in can get a general idea of what you want to present to them. But the basement – you almost have to be invited down there, which means as a designer, you can gut typical conventions, and instead go for what makes your creative side tingle. There are stunning personalized basement examples for you to look through once you’ve decided this is your path, and you can pick and choose any of your favorite elements in order to get started.

Do Some Collateral Learning

Though professionals can do a majority of the construction work, there’s nothing saying you can’t get your hands dirty doing your part as well. Learn to use some power tools, get into some troubleshooting methods, and see how electrical and heating systems work. If you don’t already know some home improvement basics, then there would be no better time that when the basement was being reconstructed for you to learn your lessons. If you have older children, this can be a great learning experience for them as well.

Create Your Perfect Getaway Zone

Through the windows outside of your home, you can see the weather, be it good or bad. You know the season; the hot summer, the cold winter. Down in the basement, you have a bit more control over your climate, so make it your perfect getaway. Put your favorite artwork on the walls, get some space heaters or some fans, invest in a good humidifier, and you can create your favorite climate. It might seem silly at first to create a tropical basement, but when you realize it’s somewhere you can visit at will, it might justify any expense required to make it just so.

In the end, you can be slightly limited by form and function of the majority of your house, but a basement can be a blank slate to play in. After doing just a small amount of research, and surveying other household members, it just may be your favorite project of the coming year.

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