Your Home Deserves Solid Wood Furniture

In an era of mass-produced goods, when offering the lowest price seems to be most retailers’ preferred business strategy, quality can seem difficult to come by. Some people want to procure as many items as possible without regard for the superiority of product, opting for quantity over quality. However, those products do not have a long lifespan, leaving many consumers who understand that long-lasting, well-made products are a smarter investment in the long run wanting, particularly when it comes to furniture. Solid wood furniture lasts for generations and there are many reasons consumers are abandoning big box stores and taking their business to companies that build hand-crafted tables, desks, beds, chairs, cabinets, and bookcases.

When you’re purchasing hand-crafted furniture, it’s important to be aware of the kinds of material that are used and, if you’re buying from a custom manufacturer, which one to choose. At Toronto’s Woodcraft, they use woods such as maple, cherry, oak and pine, all of which have different qualities, colours, and grains to suit your taste.1

On the other hand, mass-produced furniture makers, in an effort to manufacture cheaper product, use metal, plastic, plastic laminate, chipboard, plywood, engineered wood and composites. It is critical to note that these materials rate extremely poorly with regard to sustainability and life cycle, and they have been shown to last half as long as hand-crafted furniture. Plus, they cannot be refinished and renewed for later generations to use and appreciate, meaning that once they become worn down, they end up on the curb. Some of these materials not only decrease the integrity of the piece but also pose a higher risk to the environment and to the health of the population at large. Because these materials are packed with certain chemicals, glues, and resins, they cannot be recycled and burning them releases toxic fumes. Superior furniture is made out of solid woods like oak, cherry, maple, and pine; to find out which one is right for your home, visit and compare their colours and grains.

Another benefit of hand-made furniture is the ability of the craftsman to design a completely unique piece tailored to the customer’s desire. Your living space divulges much of our character, charm, and values, and your furniture should be an expression of your personality. Those who take pride in appearance can appreciate the need for craftsmanship that is not only distinctive but also gives guests a glimpse into who they are. The beauty of hand-crafted pieces is that the customer is in total control and can convey what exactly it is that they’re looking for, rather than having to accept the same tired furniture found in every retail and online seller. In addition to their handcrafted designs, companies like Woodcraft also work on completely custom designs for their clientele.

Once a customer has received their hand-made piece, they have the option to eventually pass down that piece to a child or relative, so that it becomes more than just a piece of furniture, but also a memory that can last for generations. It is important when purchasing any piece of furniture to ensure that the company you’re buying from has a good reputation and a tradition of qualityso that you know what you’re getting when it arrives on your doorstep.


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