Windows: Eyes To the Soul of a House

In your daily home improvement and housekeeping routines, the amount of light that shines into your rooms is going to show you just how clean (or dirty) that particular area is. But – if your windows themselves are dirty or in need of repair, the whole equation gets mucked up from the get-go. So, when choosing your next project to improve and enhance the décor of your home, always, always start with the windows. It may be that they need a gentle dusting, or perhaps complete replacement, but if they windows aren’t right, then the rest of the place is always going to be at least a touch out of balance.

Clean ‘Em Up

When it comes to cleaning windows, there are two major pathways for you to choose. First, you can do it yourself. Head on out to a store and buying the gnarliest, most expensive specialty window cleaner you can, or mix water and vinegar 50/50 in a spray bottle and get out yesterday’s newspaper to wipe it down. Second, you can hire a professional window cleaner. These folks will do the outside and the inside with unmatched speed, efficiency and candor, and you can shout out orders to them while watching TV and eating potato chips. Price point? Maybe worth considering. Maybe not!

Replace ‘Em

If your windows are beyond general cleaning and repair possibilities, or if you just don’t like them, it’s time to throw in the towel. Rip them out, put new ones in. These days, there are much better designs when it comes to climate control (though just replacing weather stripping is an option), so not only would you be improving the overall look, you’d be getting better functioning ones too. Again, it’s that price tag that going to have you tapping your finger to your nose. Still, the difference in your heating and cooling bill may be worth it …

Stylize and Accessorize

There’s another option as well when it comes to fixing the appearance of your home’s windows, and that’s just to accessorize and stylize around them. Seriously. Add a new coat of paint. Put some potted plants around them. Find knick-knacks and add them near your windows to distract from the design you’d prefer to forget on a good day. You can add parts and pieces both to the inside and the outside to make your windows into a holistic display rather that just a solitary utilitarian until of weatherproofing. This is where your creativity can come out to play. Don’t have any ideas? There are plenty of window design resources out there for you to wander through until you find the one that has just the right amount of kitsch for your liking.


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