Why You Should Choose Quartz Countertops For Your Home?

Growing Popularity Of Quartz Countertops: Is There Any Specific Reason?

Homeowners can get to choose from a huge range of options when it comes to choosing the right countertop for the home. Isn’t it? Most of the homeowners usually get confused, especially when there are too many options to choose from. Either they have to consider the budget or learn about the benefits of materials which can help them make the right choice.

Quartz has definitely become a very popular among all the homeowners. It’s a very classy and beautiful stone with a lot of advantages. One of the very first features which have made quartz popular is the amazing colour options you get. They are made of natural stone and resin; it’s the resin which makes it durable and it will last for a long time, if not lifetime.

Features Of Quartz Worktops

Quartz worktops are very strong and durable. It gives a very classy and appealing touch to your kitchen and bathroom. The reason why it has become so popular is because it’s a very elegant worktop which can add value to your home if installed in the right place.

Another excellent feature of quartz countertops is that it’s completely stain resistant. This is definitely one of the greatest benefits because as you might be very well aware, with time it’s the kitchen countertops that start staining after it’s exposed to continuous heat.

Quartz countertops won’t ever stain; it will keep looking good as it when it was installed in your home. Therefore, it’s a worthwhile investment. Another feature is that it’s a non-porous material. This is probably why most of the people prefer installing it in the kitchen or bathroom because this is where bacteria grow.

For instance: While you are preparing a chicken dish on your kitchen and suddenly it’s the raw chicken juice spilled on the floor. If you have installed quartz worktops in the kitchen, then it can be easily cleaned with the help of a damp cloth and then will also get dried.

Granite V/S Quartz: Which Is The Right Choice?

While you are considering the various natural stone options, then you can either choose Granite which looks very beautiful and unique or may also go for quartz which is strong and durable. If you have decided to install granite, then what you should know that it will need a sealing after few years to ensure that it remains the same.

With quartz, there is no “retouch” work required as it don’t need any repair work. Therefore, it can be maintained very easily. It has all the qualities which have made it a popular choice among all the homeowners. As it doesn’t require any special maintenance, it definitely seems like a great option.

When it comes to cleaning the quartz countertops, then you just need to wipe it with warm water and you can easily dry it. Once you clean it properly, the worktop will look as new as when you first bought it. With everyone leading a very busy and hectic lifestyle, we don’t have the time to take care of the countertops and this is why quartz is one of the biggest selling countertops in all around the world.


There are so many reliable companies which can offer you with a huge range of countertops i.e. quartz and granite. However, you should first take time to decide on your requirement before making any choice.

Always remember that quartz has very different features if compared with granite or tile. It needs very little maintenance and so you can easily retain its look. Caesartone can offer you with some of the best worktops at a pocket-friendly price. Keep all these excellent tips in mind to choose the best countertop for your home.