Why rustic kitchens are all the rage

With their clean lines, monochrome colour schemes and polished plastics, contemporary kitchens have certainly made a splash on the interior design scene. Not everyone is convinced by these sleek, shiny cooking spaces though. In fact, many people are turning back to more traditional looks in this part of their properties, meaning rustic kitchens are once again all the rage. Here are just a few of the reasons why.

The perfect balance of practicality and beauty

Because they tend to feature flooring and surfaces made from materials like solid timber and natural stone, country farmhouse-style kitchens offer the perfect balance of beauty and practicality. Beech worktops are a classic case in point. With their honey tones and attractive grain patterns, they can lift the look of kitchens and give them added warmth and personality. Solid timbers like beech, oak and walnut are also naturally durable. As long as they are cared for properly, they can continue to look good for many years in even the busiest cooking areas, and some actually improve over time. In contrast, many modern materials, such as plastic and laminate, start to show their age much more quickly. Within a few short years, they can end up looking distinctly worse for wear.

Easy to maintain

One major problem with modern kitchens is the fact that, because they are so ordered and precise, they can be difficult to maintain. Something as simple as a greasy fingerprint on a shiny cupboard or some spilled food on an otherwise pristine work surface can be enough to spoil the appearance of your whole space. On the other hand, country-style kitchens are able to withstand a little mess and disorder, meaning they can be easier and more enjoyable to use. Especially in busy households where people don’t have the time to scrub and polish these spaces day in, day out, this is a big advantage.

Timeless appeal

From lurid linos to soulless industrial steel, some kitchen design trends prove to be a flash in the pan. One of the great things about rustic kitchens is the fact that they never fall out of favour. This style looks just as good now as it ever has, and its popularity shows no sign of dropping. Rich timbers and soothing natural stones have a truly timeless appeal. This means that if you invest in a kitchen featuring these materials, you can rest assured you’re making a good investment.

Country farmhouse kitchens can also evolve as your needs and preferences change. For example, you can alter your furnishings and features as you please without diminishing your overall design scheme. Rustic kitchens can easily accommodate a range of colours and different styles of furniture and appliances. This gives you more freedom to adapt your cooking area over time without having to completely overhaul it and start from scratch every time you want to make a change.

So, if you’re looking to revamp this room, why not consider going with a traditional rather than a contemporary design scheme?


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