When Summer Is Over, Why Not Use Self Storage To Keep Your Home Clutter Free?

As the Autumn months definitely feel like they are arriving at some speed, with colder days and darker evenings, the Summer now seems to be well and truly over, which means the end to the BBQ’s, sitting outside and all of the kids playing on their outdoor equipment that they hopefully made some good use of over the past few months in the school holidays.

When the outside weather months come to an end, you can be left with loads of outside equipment, furniture and any extras that you may have purchased to keep the kids (or adults) entertained over the nicer part of the year, but now have no room to keep them safe and protected and away from the elements that could potentially ruin or damage them. We all want to get the most value and return on investment from anything we decide to buy, but when it comes to garden equipment and furniture, we often spend more to get quality so therefore the longer we can keep it from wear and tear, the better.

The UK tends to have very wet months from October to March, with some of the months over the past few years recording record downpours even in just one day, so if your garden furniture or summer outdoors equipment is continually getting soaked, it is probably going to do some long term damage. A mixture of wet and cold weather will damage your garden furniture, as over time the visible signs are clear to see, but what you fail to notice is the damage it inflicts on the durability, until the point it breaks, and then you will notice!

Although garden furniture is available in most price brackets, most people will look to spend a few hundred pounds on a nice set of chairs and a table, along with all of the money spent on garden tools, kids toys like bikes and kids outdoor activity toys as well, which means that when winter comes knocking, you either need a shed that can accommodate it all, or you need a few spare rooms in your house that you can chuck everything in to make sure that when sunnier times come around again next year, your outside bits and bobs are still like brand new.

Of course, not everyone has the room for a huge shed or two spare rooms free that can accommodate 4 chairs, a table, one slide and 3 bikes, which is why Self Storage in your local area might just be the best solution for you, as not only is it cost effective, but it might just provide a decent solution on a short term basis. From your patio equipment, through to your BBQ and lawn mower, it makes total sense that you can store this in a safe place and not have to worry about damage or even theft if it is left outside in your garden through the winter months.

Once the final lawn cut is out the way and the bulbs are planted ready for the spring, the chances of you needing to use any of your garden maintenance equipment is slim, which is why renting a storage unit locally to your home means that can you free up space, you know that your items are correctly stored safely and securely and that once you go and get them all again in a few months’ time they have a solid chance of working and remaining damage free. With some of the weather that we experience in the UK, damage is common, especially when we get the battering storms and the very cold frosts, with your garden items blowing around in the wind and getting damaged, especially if you do not have the chance to brave the elements and tie them all down!

So, rather than replacing everything in May, think about hiring a self-storage unit for your garden equipment and toys, as not only can you use the unit for these items, but you might be able to store some of your indoor furniture as well, meaning a less cluttered life and maybe room for something new, just to get you through the winter!

Thanks to the team at Thornbury Self Storage In Bristol for providing this article.

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