What is The Right Driveway Gate For You

If you are looking to renovate your home then perhaps it could benefit from a new set of driveway gates? It’s a beautiful addition to your garden and driveway area and can truly add value to your property. The front of your home is first thing that visitors and guests see and so kerb appeal is essential. But it’s not just about picking the nicest looking gates there are also numerous factors to consider when deciding on what gates work best for your home both from a style and functionality perspective.



The style and look of your gate can say a lot about yourself and even your garden and home hidden behind it. Fashions and styles change in all aspects of exterior design and so picking something that’s practical yet stylish enough to last a number of years is crucial. Whether you settle on wooden gates, metal gates or picket gates it’s also important to have them painted in a suitable colour that best compliments your home and the surrounding area. Once you have picked your ideal look then ensure your paint job is properly layered with durable and weatherproof coating to help them last.



Although there are many companies that can offer custom made driveway gates, such as Portcullis electric gates, you must also consider the surrounding area and where exactly you will be installing them. If your driveway slopes then you will struggle to implement swinging gates so perhaps your driveway itself will need to be redesigned in order to correct this issue first. If you wish to setup out swinging gates then you also need to take into account how close you are to the pavement or road outside your home.



Your driveway gate doesn’t simply need to be hinged to allow access to your home. Dependent on its position and your budgetary and security requirements you may wish to install an electronic option. Whilst standard manual access to your property requires little more than a padlock and gate hooks to hold open gates in place an electronic gate system can include electronic keys and codes or even feature special swipe card access. Also you can implement remote control access to your gates in order for them to opened and closed when you drive in and out of your property without the need for you to exit your vehicle.


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