Updating Your Home Entertainment System

Is your home entertainment system outdated, stale, or just plain boring? Do you envy your friends and family for the beautiful set-up they have in place for watching TV, movies, and other forms of personal entertainment? If so, it’s time to upgrade your home entertainment system. With the right tips and resources, you too can create an affordable, comfortable, yet sophisticated home entertainment system. 

Choosing a TV

One of the first steps to updating your home entertainment system is choosing the TV display type best for you and your home. The television itself is the foundation of your home entertainment system, and therefore, of major importance. While there are countless TV brands available to the consumer today, there are two main types of TVs the current customer is purchasing. Listed below is a brief description of what is available so you can make the appropriate purchase.

  •  · Plasma – A plasma TV offers the consumer a great picture that is full of color and sharpness. Users will not experience blurriness when they purchase this style of television. The image quality of a plasma TV is almost unbeatable, and these tend to be the most popular forms of TVs purchased today. The plasma TV, while extremely appealing, does have its faults. For example, this style of TV tends to cost more when it comes to home electricity, and their longevity is less than desired. Consumers may find themselves replacing a plasma TV more frequently than other styles. CNET has a list of this year’s best plasma televisions.

  • ·  LED-LCD – This style of TV has positively developed quite rapidly over the last several years, and it rivals a plasma style TV. The biggest appeal for a LED-LCD consumer is the fantastic resolution it provides. Because of the tremendous demand and appeal of watching TV and movies in HD, an LED-LCD TV makes the entertainment experience that much better. Additionally, this style of television offers a decent lifespan, which is extremely appealing to the budget-minded consumer. Its biggest downfall is that it doesn’t quite rival a plasma’s contrast…yet.

Entertainment Stands

While the TV itself is a critical decision when updating your entire home entertainment system, the surrounding display area, or what you put your TV in/on, is also extremely important. You want your whole viewing area to look its best. You can choose from lift cabinets, traditional stands, or non-traditional options.

TV Lift Cabinets

A TV lift cabinet is a sleek and contemporary option for the consumer looking to easily conceal a plasma or LED-LCD TV. This option allows the TV to be incognito when not in use, but it allows for easy access when it’s time to enjoy the home entertainment system. This style of furniture puts the consumer in total control of when the entertainment system is visible. This attractive option of TV display is a definite contender for all updated home entertainment systems. They come in many styles, including:

  • ·  Traditional

  • ·  Modern

  • ·  Transitional

  • ·  Custom designs.

Television Stands and Other Options

Another option for displaying your home entertainment system is a traditional stand or another piece of furniture. A steamer trunk, high-boy, or cabinet are pieces that are not usually used as TV stands, but may be a perfect fit for your room. This style of design allows your new TV to be displayed at all times. It is functional and practical but does not conceal the television when it is not in use. 

By updating your television and its stand, you can completely transform your home entertainment room. Go with whatever style best reflects your personal style, whether that is traditional, transitional, or modern.


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