Updating Your Kitchen on a Budget

Your kitchen is a big task to take on, but if you’re feeling bored by it or it’s getting a bit dated, it might feel necessary. However, if your budget is a big constraint, then it’s often not feasible to completely change your kitchen out for a new one. Small updates can freshen up an old kitchen, making it feel like a different room. Take a look at our tips.

Break It Up

Instead of an entirely new kitchen, just change certain parts. Take a look at your kitchen and identify the worst offenders. What looks the most out of date, or looks tired or overused?

The Worktop

Chances are that the worktop is the thing that’s looking a bit worse for wear. You can dramatically change the way your kitchen looks and depending on the material and it can be pretty cost effective too. Laminate is often cheap and comes in a variety of different designs and styles, so you can get the new look kitchen you want, without having to fork out for it! Take a look at Better Kitchens for inspiration.

The Cabinets

Freshen up your kitchen cabinets with a lick of paint for an instant new look. It’s one of the cheapest ways to update your kitchen, and providing you have a versatile wall colour, you can go for any colour you fancy.

You could also change the cabinets even further by changing the doors themselves. For a simpler and cheaper update, just give the handles a change.

The Floor

A kitchen floor gets used a lot, so it’s inevitable that it might start looking a bit shabby. But don’t worry, there’s a variety of things that you can do to spruce it up. You could rip it out and replace it with tiles or wood, but if this is too much, you could also paint over the existing floor using stencils or put lino on over the top.

Cut the Clutter

If you feel like your kitchen is too small, then perhaps you simply have too much stuff. Take an afternoon and have a sort out of what you no longer use. You might be able to make some money too, to further fund your kitchen updates.

Invest in some better storage solutions if you find some lacking.

Extra Lighting

Make sure you can do what you need to in your kitchen by installing extra lighting. Leave no corner in the dark with spotlights over the worktops and halogen lights on the extractor. You could add ambient lighting with strip LED lights under cabinets.


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