Unique Home Improvement Projects

Everyone has ideas for creating a home that is out of this world. While most of us cannot fathom living in a multi-million dollar residence, homeowners can at least create an area that aptly captures their personality. Some may desire a room that serves as an escape from daily stress, or perhaps the perfect place for group entertainment. Others may dream of a bathroom that some might equate with a Grecian bath or a backyard oasis. Consider the possibilities while exploring what others have done to personalize their space.

Aquarium Bed


Imaging having a serene bedroom scene that features a massive aquarium spanning from the top of one bedside table to the other, while crossing over the headboard and top region of the bed. Between the subdued lighting and the stunning visual display of the customized underwater world, stress melts away. This unique piece of furniture was created by the crew of Acrylic Aquariums, who are better known from the Animal Planet TV show entitled “Tanked.”

Forest Chandelier


Change the ambiance in a room by merely turning on the lights with this unique fixture comprised of spray-painted and tangled branches fashioned into a rounded cluster around a central light bulb. Called the “Forms of Nature” by creators Pio Diaz adn Thyra Hilden, the unusual light/shadow combination that is cast by the design projects a forest-like fantasy world on the ceiling and walls of a room. The shadows closely resemble an array of tree trunks, branches and brush that give one the feeling of being in the great outdoors.

The Cat Tube


Perhaps a home improvement project centers around enhancing an interior space for a beloved pet. That is exactly what a husband and wife team of an interior designer and an architects did for their feline family member. Taking a room that was once rarely used, the couple transformed the space into an office. However, they added something special for their kitty, a suspended transit system that circles the exterior. Resembling massive, old water pipes one might find in the basement of an old building, the tube meanders along the upper walls, changes elevation and features a few pop-up openings along the way.

Backyard Theater


What better way to spend a relaxing summer night under the stars than to watch an outdoor movie with family and friends. Break out a few lawn chairs, inflatable mattresses and pillows and pass the popcorn before the film begins. While components for a backyard theater are sold separately, the Cinebox Backyard Theater System comes with everything needed to let the fun begin. The kit is equipped with an LCD projector, DVD player, sound system and inflatable 16×9 screen.

Vertical Kitchen Garden

Indoor gardening presents the possibility of having fresh flowers, herbs or produce all year long. Different companies manufacture a variety of systems that come in many shapes and sizes. DIY enthusiasts also have the option of building their own structures consisting of any number of materials that include suspended plastic bottles, traditional wooden boxes attached to a metal frame or various other configurations.

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