Understanding Energy Efficient Windows

Why it is Time to Replace those Old Windows and Doors

There are many reasons homeowners should replace their windows and doors, especially those that are more than 10-20 years old, as at that point, panes begin to become cloudy (especially if they are double paned) and deterioration begins to cause heat loss and condensation. It is natural for people to want to wait as long as possible to replace their windows and exterior doors, but doing so is not necessarily saving any money and it may be costing the homeowner unnecessary time and risk.

Replace for Efficiency

Old windows are one of the biggest contributors to energy loss in any home, since as much as 30 percent of the cost of heating and cooling is from the air that is leaking around, and through, inefficient windows. Replacing old panes and worn out frames eliminates this waste and increases energy efficiency so it helps your family save money and protect the environment.


Consider Your Comfort

Drafty homes are not comfortable since they let in too much cold air in the winter and allow the inside air temperatures to rise too high in the summer. Windows are meant to provide a view and beneficial light, but all of this is lost when windows are covered by drapes and shades to keep out the drafts. Energy Star approved models from custom manufacturers like Ontario-based Golden Windows are not only sealed tighter, but many also offer protection from the rays of the sun as well. This makes them more comfortable to sit beside and better for drapes, floors and furnishings that may have faded in the sunlight previously.

Remember Safety Risks

Many older windows do not latch or lock properly and might not offer the necessary level of security that you want for your family. Some old sliding windows don’t have any kind of locking mechanism at all, which is reason enough to lose sleep at night. For sliders and sliding patio doors in Ontario, you may want to consider looking into Golden Windows for their multi-point lock systems. Also, glass panes that are loose or broken are a risk to anyone that comes into contact with the window. Old, warped window frames may not open easily and could prevent people from leaving the home quickly in the event of a fire.

Save Yourself Time

Many old wood frame windows require homeowners to paint the frames frequently and require re-caulking to keep them sealed. Leaking windows are often covered in plastic every winter to reduce energy loss, which isn’t just ugly, it’s also a time consuming project that takes away your ability to recharge after a lengthy work day. If you’re sick high energy bills, it’s time to stop by Goldenwindows.com and find out what kind of windows you need to weather the nasty Canadian winter.

Replacing old windows with highly rated new models is a sensible choice that will raise the value of your home and increase its energy efficiency. It’s very simple to check the home for air leaks to determine if it is time to make some changes, although when you upgrade, professional installation is usually recommended to prevent some of the more common problems homeowners experience after installation, such as improper sealing that permits moisture to enter.The solution is close by; upgrade today!


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